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The Secret To Joe Rogan’s Success In Media Has Been Revealed

This past Monday, Jordan Peterson, a well-known Canadian psychologist and bestselling author, revealed what he thinks is the cornerstone to the media accomplishments of Joe Rogan through the medium of a Twitter post showing Peterson’s support of the podcaster’s extreme success in his endeavors.

These statements cropped up in response to a recent report that revealed the traffic from Rogan’s audience zoomed past the traffic seen in many other leading news shows, including top programs that hold spots on Fox News and CNN, throughout the third quarter of 2021, when looking at average viewers per show based entirely on stats that had been reported by  Spotify and Nielsen.

“That’s because he doesn’t lie. Or talk down to his audience. Or manipulate for his own narrow advantage. Go @joerogan. See you in three weeks in Austin,” stated Peterson in his Twitter post.

Recently, Rogan was the target of much criticism when one of his episodes was removed from the YouTube platform.

“This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” is now shown in place of the episode as it was previously posted.

In the removed episode, Rogan took the opportunity to invite Dr. Robert Malone onto his show in the wake of the scientist being banned from Twitter entirely the previous week due to the information he attempted to share in regards to the coronavirus. The episode talked about the vaccine concerns from Malone and his views in regards to COVID-19 communications in the media that he thinks are quite disturbing from his viewpoint as a professional scientist.

In the wake of the taking down of the episode, Troy Nehls, a Republican Texas Rep, put forth Rogan’s seemingly controversial episode with De. Robert Malone to the official Congressional Record this past Monday after it was taken down from YouTube, stating that the move will protect it from being censored any further.

“Today, I submitted the transcript from the @joerogan experience podcast episode #1757 with Dr. Robert Malone to the Congressional Record,” tweeted Nehls, who is also a certified medical doctor.

“Big tech wants to restrict your access to this information- but they cannot censor the Congressional Record,” he continued.

Nehls also took the opportunity to post the transcript of the full episode to his own personal congressional website.

As reported by The Daily Wire in regards to the congressman’s comments in support of Rogan’s podcast:

“By deplatforming Dr. Robert Malone for voicing opposition and removing the interview, Twitter and YouTube are once again proving that they don’t work for their users but for big Pharma, big media, and the elites,” Nehls said in a statement.

“When we stray away from our core principles of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of debate, democracy is lost. Today, I entered the transcript of the Joe Rogan Experience #1757 into the Congressional Record to preserve the podcast forever. Big Tech may be able to censor information on their own platforms, but they cannot censor the Congressional Record,” he added.

His statement also referred to Malone as “a widely published mRNA vaccine expert who went on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to raise concerns over the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Along with this, Rogan quite recently announced that he was officially joining the new free speech platform GETTR. The Wire also reported on the move:

“Join me on GETTR,” Rogan tweeted out to his millions of followers.

On GETTR, the host suggested his move to newer website was predicated by recent censorship from Twitter. “Just in case s*** over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well. Rejoice!” he posted. 

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