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Ted Cruz Fires Impeachment Warning Shot – President Biden Is In Deep Trouble If The GOP Sweeps Midterms

Ted Cruz Fires Impeachment Warning Shot – President Biden Is In Deep Trouble If The GOP Sweeps Midterms

What’s Happening:

Perhaps one of the most shocking things about the Biden “presidency” has been Congress’ response. It’s no secret that Biden has done plenty of damage to our country. He’s opened the border. He bowed to the Taliban. And he trampled our constitutional liberties with his mandates.

Yet what has Congress done to hold him accountable? Let me see… oh, nothing, absolutely nothing. But that all will change, if Republicans win back the House this year. And Ted Cruz, a top GOP senator, is revealing what they might do to take down Biden’s agenda.

From The Washington Times:

Sen. Ted Cruz said that a Republican-led House after the 2022 elections likely will consider impeaching President Biden on “multiple grounds.” […]

“If we take the House, which I said is overwhelmingly likely, then I think we will see serious investigations of the Biden administration,” he told co-hosts Michael Knowles and Liz Wheeler, saying the odds were 90% and “may even be higher.”

Ted Cruz is confident that the Republican Party will regain the House majority after this year’s midterms. If that happens, he says they will have “multiple grounds” on which to impeach Joe Biden. He and numerous Republicans have called out many acts by this administration that are considered impeachable. So, they have plenty of reasons to check this runaway presidency.

Perhaps the top cause for impeachment is the open border. In defiance of U.S. immigration laws, Biden refuses to secure our border, apprehend border jumpers, or deport criminal aliens. His DHS seems to be going out of its way to ensure migrants have easy access to the country, regardless of their legal status.

On top of that, there is Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden’s botched plans resulted in the reemergence of the Taliban, now equipped with billions of dollars of U.S. technology. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of Biden’s impeachable offenses.

Let’s not forget how he trampled over America’s constitutional rights with his mandates. No president has ever forced Americans to choose between their jobs and their liberties. Biden’s mandates have been frequently challenged in court. But it is possible Republicans can go after him over these orders—which potentially overstepped his executive authority.

So, take your pick, Republicans. Chances are, Biden will commit a few more offenses in the coming year that will motivate the GOP to act. Some might complain that Republicans are just “weaponizing” impeachment for political purposes. No, that’s what Democrats did last year and two years before.

Republicans will simply be using the process for its intended reason, holding a runaway presidency accountable. Biden should be very worried.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ted Cruz revealed Republicans could impeach Biden if they win back the House.
  • Signs point to Republicans sweeping the 2022 midterms, regaining the majority.
  • Republicans have pointed to several impeachable offenses made by this administration.

Source: The Washington Times

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