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Supreme Court Under Siege By Liberals – They Claim The Popular Court Could End American Democracy

Supreme Court Under Siege By Liberals – They Claim The Popular Court Could End American Democracy

What’s Happening:

After a year like 2021, we shouldn’t be surprised to see how unpopular Joe Biden and his Congress have become. The endless crises and failures of the Democratic Party have left their top-ranking Washington leaders with dismal approval ratings.

But is there anyone in D.C. that is actually liked by the American people? Believe it or not, there are. And they sit on the Supreme Court.

Recent polls show that our Supreme Court justices enjoy a much higher favorability among Americans. That must be because they are actually working to protect our liberties and uphold the Constitutional.

But this news is rising alarm bells among liberals, who are claiming this could lead to the “end of democracy.” From Fox News:

So why is Roberts’ 60% approval rating so crushing for democracy? Because, Levitz explained, “If the Court’s right-wing majority finds that it can continually push the boundaries of conservative judicial activism without undermining its own popular legitimacy, then the consequences for progressivism and popular democracy could be dire.”

How ironic. Liberals are panicking because Chief Justice Roberts and his conservative majority are actually popular among Americans. They claim that, if the court remains popular, they might gain support from Americans for their “conservative judicial activism.” Uh… what?

Since when has conservativism been consider “activism”? Conservatives care about preserving our rights and traditions. It is the left that uses activism to radically change our laws, policies, and way of life. Liberal judges, especially those appointed by Democrat presidents, are known for pushing activism from the bench, not conservatives.

Yet liberals appear to be projecting their own intentions onto this Supreme Court. Nothing the court has done recently suggests they are a runaway group pushing an activist agenda.

In fact, numerous recent rulings have been supported by both conservatives and liberals on the court. It doesn’t appear that the conservatives on the bench are trying to run away with an agenda.

(Which we know would not be the case, if the court had a liberal majority.)

Liberals are right in one thing, though. With a conservative Supreme Court, their radical, “progressive” agenda is doomed. But democracy will remain intact. It’s pretty sad that the left thinks democracy can only survive, when left-wing dictators are in control.

From everything we’ve seen from Biden and his party, the last thing they are interested in protecting is democracy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberals claim democracy will die, thanks to a popular conservative Supreme Court.
  • Commentors accuse the conservative majority of pushing “conservative activism.”
  • It is well-documented how liberal judges push a far-left agenda.

Source: Fox News

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