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Shocking New Data from 2020 Election Show MIND-BOGGLING Number of Fraudulent Votes

The crooked liberal mainstream media are trying to convince anyone who will listen, that questions about the validity of the 2020 presidential election are a “big lie”. They have the “big” part right. However, as evidence continues to be unearthed, it’s not a big lie.

The 2020 presidential election was the “big steal”. Saying so is not a lie. It’s the truth. Now, it’s turning into a “big cover-up” as well. Multiple accounts of fraud have been exposed in at least four critical swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Georgia has produced video footage of hired ballot harvesters stuffing ballot boxes. The Peach State also has the notorious video of suitcases of ballots being yanked out from under tables in the wee hours of the night.

Arizona has produced ballots from dead people and registered vote counts that nearly doubled the list of registered voters on the precinct rolls. There were also votes supposedly mailed from border patrol offices, plus college fraternity registrations that averaged over 40 years old.

Fraud in Arizona is so prevalent that state lawmakers have proposed legislation to reclaim the state’s electoral votes. These are just a few of the most obvious pieces of evidence pointing to blatant cheating. Joe Biden cheated in every single swing state, probably more.

Just a few days ago, Wisconsin added more ammunition to the “big steal”. There’s a new push to investigate some alarming data from the 2020 election. Wisconsin Senator Janel Brandtjen is behind the push to expose this new evidence of fraud.

The report exposes over one million illegal voters in Wisconsin. There were another 155,000 voters who were fake. Liz Harrington tweeted that there is proof of at least 50,000 illegal ballots in the state. That would flip the electoral votes for President Trump.

Another 46,000 ballots could not be verified. These numbers are both more than double the supposed margin of victory for Joe Biden. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in Wisconsin. There were over 600,000 dead people on the Wisconsin voter rolls.

Voters were allowed to register without a first name. One address that had not existed for more than 10 years had 359 voter registrations attached to it. But now for the “drop the mic moment”. Wisconsin has 7.1 registered voters, but the state’s population is only a little over 4 million adults.

Biden did not win Wisconsin. He also did not win in Arizona. Joe Biden did not win Georgia or Pennsylvania either. He cheated. But when will anything be done about it? Will Republicans retake Capitol Hill and address the fraudulent theft?

What can be done under the U.S. Constitution? If we impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for cheating, that could leave us with Antony Blinken as president. God help us. The 2020 presidential election was the biggest miscarriage of justice in our nation’s history.

Saying the election was stolen is not the big lie. The big lie is Joe Biden and his bogus administration. On November 8, 2022, America must begin the battle to retake our country from these cheats. It will be the first giant step to “Save America”.

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