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Pastor Thinks He’s Jesus – Grosses Out His Congregation by Rubbing Spit on a Man’s Face

We’d never begrudge anyone’s belief in spiritual miracles. However, one Oklahoma pastor may have misinterpreted biblical scripture. In John 9:6, Jesus spit on the ground and made some mud. He then applied the mud to a blind man’s eyes. The man’s sight was restored.

The miracle of restoring sight is one of the most cherished stories within the Christian religion. Nevertheless, a preacher spitting on his hands and then rubbing them on a parishioner’s face doesn’t seem like a good strategy to add excitement to a sermon.

It wasn’t. When Pastor Michael Todd did this, he probably wasn’t looking for the response he got. Todd is the pastor at the Transformation Church in the small suburb of Bixby in Tulsa. During his sermon, Todd spit on his hands and then rubbed them on a parishioner’s face.

Todd proclaimed, “Receiving vision from God might get nasty.” Shocked murmurs and grumblings of astonishment could be heard coming from his congregation. It doesn’t appear the gasps were in response to the suggestion of a miracle.

However, they were an admonishment of what was a pretty grotesque prop idea to use in a sermon. Todd’s sermons are recorded. A video of the sermon went viral. The response was not flattering. The vast majority of those who watched were grossed out. Imagine witnessing it live.

Entertainment writer Shanelle Genai tweeted, “God wasn’t nowhere in that.” Sports columnist Chris Williamson said it was “one of the most repulsive acts I’ve seen in the name of Christianity.” Maybe Pastor Todd had some sensible reason in mind.

However, it certainly didn’t come off as he had planned. Todd did apologize on Twitter. The pastor stressed that it was never his intention to “distract others from God’s word and the message of Jesus.” He went further, validating people’s feelings.

Todd said he was just trying to bring the message of God to life. This act was certainly live, but it still baffles the mind how it could possibly elicit the response Todd expected. Maybe the next time he should try to throw a little mud in the act.

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