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MSNBC Lunatic Claims Saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ is ‘Slow-Moving Insurrection’

I feel like I say this all the time, but liberals just absolutely blow my mind with the things that they do and say.

Truly, I just cannot wrap my mind around how they can even function in life with a lack of being able to understand the other side.

I consider myself to be an intellectual and as such, I do my very best to understand opposing views to mine. Sometimes I leave my views and accept the other, sometimes I reject the other view, sometimes I incorporate parts of another view to my already existing beliefs. This is the way that we’re supposed to think. Test everything and hold onto what is true.

But liberals cannot do not. They completely lack the mental capacity to do so.

A perfect example of this came from an MSNBC host who claimed that saying, “Let’s go Brandon” is equivalent to an insurrection.

“I don’t want where to start. Let me tell you why this matters. The asymmetry has always been what advantages the Trump right more than anything else. And the asymmetry of saying ‘F you’ to a sitting President on a call in front of your four kids – don’t look past this,” Wallace said during her unhinged rant. “Don’t look at this as a story about giving air time to a MAGA guy who goes on Steve Bannon’s podcast and said I wasn’t joking. Not only did I say ‘F you’, Mr. President. I said more than that.”

Then she continued, “This is the slow motion insurrection, Jason, in full color.”

Then, another MSNBC host (Jason Johnson) spoke up saying, “MAGA isn’t about taxes. You know, Let’s go Brandon isn’t about what you feel about supply chain issues and gas. It is the cry of insurrectionists. It is the cry of people who want to violently take over this country and oppress anyone who is not like them,” Johnson baselessly claimed.

These people are so brainwashed and self-convinced of their alternate reality that it really is just mental.

Let me first ask these nutjobs where were their cries for the previous four years in which liberals were constantly insulting President Trump? How about when Kathy Griffin did her little thing with the head of President Trump? If there is anything that you could say reeks of insurrection, would it not be that instead of a “Let’s Go Brandon” remark?

Should I really just scour Twitter to see how many celebrities and politicians said things far worse and much more direct toward President Trump? It wouldn’t take me very long.

There is no insurrection on the part of the Republican party. There isn’t. Are we mad? Yes. Are we attempting an insurrection or did they attempt one on January 6th? NO! Give me a break!

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