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Joe Biden Gets Ripped for His Disastrous Press Conference – ‘A Political Field Sobriety Test — That He Failed’

Joe Biden was absolutely torn to shreds after he held his horrendous press conference on Wednesday.

I don’t know if you managed to watch it or not, but if you haven’t, take a little of your time today to just watch it. It is a long conference, but most of it is entertaining, especially the questions from reporters.

“The best press conference I have ever seen and my favorite part is when he said the vote is being suppressed by Republicans. Then he shows no evidence. Then he says that 2020 had the most votes in history in which he offers evidence that there is no suppression. So he totally negated the need for the bill. He just blew his own line,” Gutfeld continued. “So did he just admit that the 2020 election was corrupted and you need the bill, or did he admit the voting bill isn’t necessary? Then he refuses to say whether the midterms will be fair or free if the voting bill fails, so where’s the outrage when the president subverts our faith in the precious republic’s elections?”

Gutfeld is right, and personally, this is one of my biggest pet peeves about anyone and about anything. I hate when people make empty assertions. They state something and then give no evidence for it. It drives me up the wall. The only thing we want to suppress is illegal voting. I promise you that’s all we want.

But honestly, if someone is going to make a statement like that and then provide absolutely zero evidence of it, then you know they have a poor argument and that what they’re saying is likely untrue.

Gutfeld continued to say, “Maybe Americans are going to experience a lot of pain going forward with inflation. Maybe Vladimir Putin will invade. He apologized to black Americans. I might have to break up Build Back Better. That was the best part because he was being honest,” Watters explained. “Then something set him off. One of the reporters asked him why he was so incompetent. And that changed the entire dynamic. And then he got extremely defensive and pointed to Afghanistan as a barometer of competence … He still thinks it’s a marketing situation.

The person in middle America doesn’t care about the voting bill or Russia. Those are the desires of an Ivy League reporter in that room pushing the myth of voter suppression. There was nothing about crime. Nothing about safer streets, good schools, good teachers, cheaper gas. It was all about voting rights and Russia. It showed a huge disconnect between the press and the American public.”

Jesse Waters also added that he felt Biden lost his cool during the press conference. That’s because he did. He ended up losing his temper and started arguing and yelling at reporters…again. This guy has no chill and no ability to keep himself composed.

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