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HUGE WIN! OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Authoritarian Mandate

HUGE WIN! OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Authoritarian Mandate

The clear aim of the radicalized Democrat Party is to impart big government control across every aspect of American life. It is a plan to push the U.S. towards a socialist/communist society. Big government thinks it knows what is best for everyone.

This ideology is beyond misleading; it is untrue. The vast majority of Americans do not want more government. Americans do not want to be a socialist country. They want less governmental invasion into their lives, not more.

However, that is not stopping the tyrannical policies of the Joe Biden administration. Thankfully, the United States legal system is set up to stop such blatant encroachments on our civil liberties.

One huge step towards total compliance and subsequent government control is Biden’s proposed vaccine mandates. They are clearly a violation of our civil liberties and therefore unconstitutional. They’re not about health and safety; they’re about exercising control.

To meet their objectives, Biden is trying to implore the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to oversee and level harsh financial penalties against businesses that do not comply. This authoritarian dictate is outside the jurisdiction of OSHA.

A three-judge panel from the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals froze Biden’s mandate in its tracks. The panel chastised the proposal as a “one size fits all sledgehammer” that would upend the constitution and individual liberty.”

One might assume that an honest administration would dial back their rhetoric. Biden’s liberal cronies have no intention of backing down. They are trying to ramrod socialism down the throats of Americans. Socialist elites must have control over their subjects.

Biden policy has flung open the doors at our southern border. Migrants will be easy to control. Foreign policy decisions have weakened the United States presence around the world. Spend and tax policies have driven inflation to heights not seen in over 30 years.

Everything, including the domineering vaccine mandates, is being done on purpose. The radicals within the Democrat Party control Joe Biden. He is nothing but a figurehead puppet for the left. These liberal lunatics are brazen.

However, the United States legal system is standing in the way of one of their attempts to control Americans. We can only hope that “the swamp” doesn’t devise a sneaky plan to circumvent the U.S. court system.

For now, OSHA has put all implementations and enforcement of Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate on hold. The dictatorial order must be rendered null and void. It is unconstitutional. We, as free Americans, have the right to decide what we put in our bodies.

Neither the federal government, nor our employers, has the right to insist we take a medicine we do not want. This is about more than just “a jab in the arm”. This is about American freedom, and the attempts by the radical left to steal them away.

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