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Huge Swing in the Political Divide – Most of Country Now Identify With This Party

Americans have grown increasingly more displeased with Joe Biden. As he approaches one year in office, Biden’s presidential approval ratings have plummeted. The Biden administration has orchestrated one blunder after another. He has been an abject failure.

Joe Biden is cementing his legacy as the worst president in U.S. history. However, his floundering presidency is also causing severe consequences for the Democrat Party. Many, even within the corrupt left-leaning mainstream media, are distancing themselves from Biden.

In fact, Americans across the nation are beginning to distance themselves from the Democrat Party itself. A recent Gallup survey shows an astonishingly dramatic shift in the political landscape of the nation.

Early in the year, Democrats held a national advantage of approximately nine percentage points over those who identified as Republican. During the next nine months, as Joe Biden continued to bungle everything he touched, the numbers completely flipped.

Not only did Democrats lose the advantage, Republicans snatched a five-point edge in the final quarter of 2021. This is the largest swing in modern history. To put the shift in perspective, only four times since 1991 have Republicans held such a large advantage in any given quarter.

Republicans held the same five-point edge in 1995, when they seized control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in nearly 50 years. Only one time have Republicans held a larger advantage; during the first quarter of 1991.

This difference in party appeal was largely influenced by the President George H. W. Bush-led victory in the Persian Gulf War. Experts see a direct correlation between the startling recent shift in the political landscape, and the approval ratings for Joe Biden.

As his performance has grown increasingly worse, voters have steadily shifted their allegiance. This level of disparity further signals a massive Republican red tsunami ahead for the November 2022 midterm elections.

Virtually every political pundit predicts a Republican majority for the House of Representatives. However, others believe the numbers will be more staggering. The Gallup survey results indicate the latter is growing more and more likely.

In addition, the prospects of any improvement for Joe Biden are abysmal. Inflation is projected to continue, most likely to get even worse. There is growing tension on the international stage between the U.S. and our most ardent adversaries.

The Biden administration’s feeble attempts to rekindle a nuclear arms agreement with Iran are failing miserably. It took a natural variant of the COVID-19 virus to push America towards a more normal life. Joe Biden had nothing to do with it, although he said he would.

In fact, Biden policy made the COVID pandemic worse. Furthermore, nothing has been done to stop the wave of illegal migrants spewing across the southern border. Moderate Democrats have stood up against the radical liberal agenda and frozen a federal takeover of elections.

Likewise, Joe Biden is unlikely to see even a modest victory on Capitol Hill in 2022. These items will collectively cause his approval ratings to plummet even more. Moreover, an increase in American’s discontent with Biden will further fuel this rise in Republican support.

No doubt, there is going to be an enormous red wave of Republican winners in 2022. How many Democrats get swept out of power remains to be seen? However, current projections may far underestimate the final outcome. It could be a sweep unparalleled in American political history.

Joe Biden may have done more than just earn his spot as the worst president in U.S. history. With a lot of help from the radical progressive faction within his party, Biden may have single-handedly destroyed the Democrat Party.

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