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Georgia District Attorney Granted Special Grand Jury to Probe “Election Interference”

The radical left-wing of the Democrat Party has resorted to cheating and lying. Some might chuckle at the notion that cheating in politics is somehow a new phenomenon. However, the liberal left has taken political corruption to new levels.

Things really heated up when the Hillary Clinton campaign concocted the Russia collusion hoax. It was a bogus claim to smear then-candidate Donald Trump. Then the unthinkable happened. Despite cheating, Crooked Hillary still lost the 2016 Presidential Election.

Nonetheless, the corrupt attacks continued on the now elected President Donald Trump. The Russia collusion fraud was pushed for the first two years of his first term. When that whole story was debunked and unraveled, a pair of baseless impeachment assaults were launched.

Each of those failed as well. Nothing the liberal D.C. swamp rats tried seemed to faze President Trump. However, they had a sinister plan awaiting his push for a second term. How perfect it was that a devastating virus conveniently leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

Was COVID ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election a coincidence? It may not have been, but the liberals seized the opportunity. They waged a fearmonger campaign using COVID as their weapon. As the election neared, they screamed for wider latitude in how Americans could vote.

It flung open the door for election fraud. They discovered a way to cheat and cover their tracks. Big tech helped manipulate the informational highways ahead of Election Day. Social media crooks helped fund liberal oversight of important voting precincts.

“The Steal” was on. There was a problem with the liberals’ corrupt plan. They never thought they’d get caught. Stupid crooks will invariably do stupid things. They did. However, despite mounds of evidence proving voter fraud, they’ve still been able to avoid prosecution.

Just like Crooked Hillary did in 2016, they’re trying to flip the script backwards. Hillary claimed President Trump colluded with Russia, when in fact it was her campaign that did. Likewise, liberals who have been caught cheating are trying to put the blame back on President Trump.

A massive protest happened on January 6, 2020. Americans were angered by obvious election fraud. Liberals planned ahead for this as well. Democrats seized the opportunity. They infiltrated the crowd with federal operatives to trigger an assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Henceforth, in the wake of the violence, the liberal left has been able to orchestrate a sham commission to supposedly investigate the incident. They are doing nothing of the sort. This bogus investigation is doing nothing but ignoring evidence and twisting the truth.

Once again, the goal is to target conservatives, specifically President Donald Trump. Recently, in Fulton County, Georgia, the heart of the biggest election fraud in 2020, the left created another diversion tactic. Ignore voter fraud and target the people who claim it happened.

Crooked District Attorney, Democrat Fani Willis, was granted an open grand jury to supposedly investigate President Trump’s alleged “election interference”. That’s what the left calls any investigation into blatant voter fraud. It’s interference. It’s interfering with their cheating.

This is just another tactic out of the liberal left’s deceptive playbook. They cheat, lie, and then blame conservative Republicans when they’re caught. Eventually, the lies and deceit will catch up with them. The time is coming when the radical left will pay for their crimes.

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