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EPIC! Antifa Crashes Rally in France, Instantly Regret it After Beat Down (VIDEO)

On a number of occasions, we’ve seen Antifa thugs show up where they shouldn’t be and cause massive damage, harassment, and harm to other people.

There have, however, been occasions in which they show up and then try to pull their crap only to be met with equal and greater force and end up regretting it immediately.

Too often here in the U.S., they get away with doing whatever they want. We all saw what happened last year in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, and elsewhere when they started literally burning down cities and even taking over some of them by establishing what they initially called an “autonomous zone”.

Remember, CHAZ? The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was an area of Seattle that was seized by domestic terrorists and where some people were even killed. This was indeed an act of insurrection, but liberals didn’t give a crap about it and their weak governor didn’t do anything about it either.

Because it was an act of insurrection by claiming to take over the area as not being part of the United States, they quickly changed the name of the zone to “CHOP” or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest in order to protect their butts.

Here in the U.S., we haven’t always responded the way that we should to these terrorists, but we should take a lesson form what the French just did in dealing with their own Antifa group.

Antifa tried to stop a conference and were quickly met with force as the crowd began throwing chairs at them. They wound up being chased and beaten instead of shutting down the rally.

Take a look at this video below:

If we would have done this before they occupied a city for 100 consecutive nights of rioting, they would have learned their lesson long ago. But we have too many weak men and women in charge of some cities which is why these groups flourish in them so well.

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