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‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Founder Gets Sick on Live TV During Interview, Anchors Try to Keep Composure (VIDEO)

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but there is a group/movement/ called Birds Aren’t Real.

It’s a joke. The idea of it is that birds aren’t real and that birds are really just government drones spying on us. I don’t know of any other good reason to come up with this other than just for a joke, which is perfectly fine. I like long-running jokes like this.

A news station in Chicago decided to bring the founder of the movement on TV to interview him and it was definitely a moment to remember.

Appearing on Chicago’s WGN9 News, the founder of the “Birds Aren’t Real” parody movement based on conspiratorial theories, Peter McIndoe, created a viral moment by upchucking a cup of coffee directly toward the camera.

McIndoe, a college dropout who founded the movement in 2017, told WGN anchor Larry Potash, “Gen Z is full of some amazing men, women and children who are aiming for change, and I think that that is just what our movement’s all about.”

Potash pointed out, “But it’s more than just Gen Z’s falling for conspiracy theories; why—”

At that point McIndoe upchucked all the coffee in his mouth directly into the camera.

“You all right?” Potash asked solicitously.

“Oh my God. I’m so nervous. I’m so sorry,” McIndoe managed, still retching his guts out while the screen hurriedly switched to videos of people with signs reading “Birds Aren’t Real” and “Not Without A Fight” while McIndoe could still be heard heaving.

To me, it’s obvious that this was staged and he did it for amusement, which worked, but I’m sure that the news anchors were unsure about what was going on. I think the woman at least knew what was going on, but they seemed to have a good chuckle about it.

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