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Biden administration releases trove of new documents on JFK assassination

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, 58 years ago today. However, the considerable research and investigations that followed resulted in primarily classified materials. President Joe Biden has made public a wealth of documents relating to the assassination and the subsequent investigations.

The documents were supposed to be released in October 2021 but were put on hold owing to national security concerns, according to CNN.com. Only a little more than a month later, 1,500 documents have been made public. There are 10,000 documents that have been censored or withheld as a result of this. Because of this, JFK experts believe that the so-called “smoking gun” isn’t included.

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“Because it has taken [the government] so long to get these records out, no matter what comes out, no one is going to believe that that’s it,” said an official familiar with the document classification.

The documents were delayed in order to “protect against identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in the immediate disclosure.”

What was intended to be revealed, on the other hand, was meant to be a far greater problem. However, Biden’s decision in October 2021 establishes a timetable for the complete 10,000 pages.

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According to Biden’s order, any US agency that wants to keep the pages hidden beyond December 2022 must submit the White House with “an unclassified index stating for each such record the grounds for which the agency is requesting prolonged deferral of material in such record.”

An order like this would ensure that all information was released.

Researchers who study assassinations are still frustrated because they anticipated everything to be made public. Larry Schnapf, a lawyer, intends to challenge the administration.

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“We will be seeking a court order instructing the President to release the remaining records or to disclose the specific identifiable harm posed by each document sought to be postponed and how such alleged harm outweighs the strong public interest in the release of these records — which were supposed to have been released by October 26, 2017,” Schnapf wrote in an email.

Despite his own personal interest, former President Donald Trump declined to share the information in 2017. The JFK Records Collection Act of 1992 set a 25-year limit for the release of that information. Concerns about national security were mentioned by Trump.

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According to this evidence, shooter Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to obtain a Soviet or Cuban visa, which the CIA believed was part of his intention to flee the country quickly after the assassination.

Some of the new documents go into great depth concerning sources and probable CIA-monitored Cuban spies and Soviets.

Aline Mosby, a United Press International correspondent based in Moscow and then in Beijing, was also named in the documents. In 1959, she conducted an interview with Oswald. At the time, the FBI suspected her of being a Soviet spy, and several documents detail conversations with sources regarding her. However, according to the documents, she was drugged and discovered in a Moscow gutter.

Norman Ray, a former journalist, “RUNNION said that this episode was considered an attempt by the Russians to place UPI at a disadvantage so that in the event PI should in the future incur the displeasure of the Soviet Government, they could concoct a similar incident and have Miss MOSBY expelled from the USSR with resultant publicity. He said that to avoid such an eventuality, UPI transferred. Miss MOSBY to another post, thus terminating her career in Moscow.”

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