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AOC Blasted on Twitter for Her “Republicans Can’t Date Me” Narcissistic Rant

It only takes a few moments of listening to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to realize she is a self-absorbed pompous ass. Frequently, her social media rants work to reinforce the obvious. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the epitome of a narcissist.

Invariably, AOC’s actions also cement the fact that she is the liberal left’s poster child for hypocrisy. When the self-proclaimed spokeswoman for wokeism also validates her personal sense of over importance, it’s a double win for common sense.

AOC exposed her hypocritical side when she was videoed, without a mask, cavorting at a “drag bar” in Miami, Florida. Since she’s from New York, the most Draconian COVID-crazed restrictive state in the country, the irony of her hypocrisy was not lost on Twitter followers.

Nevertheless, in her trademark egotistical form, AOC turned direct tweets critical of her hypocrisy into a childish social media temper tantrum. After being called out for “having fun” in “The Sunshine State”, AOC posted a totally illogical reply.

She was obviously embarrassed at being nailed for her hypocrisy. Just like the spoiled brat teenager-like narcissist she is, AOC resorted to juvenile accusations. However, these were actually pretty amusing to most conservative Republicans and moderates alike.

The Marxist liberal actually thinks people are jealous because they can’t date her. She went on to insist that Republicans condemn her because of inherent “sexual frustrations”. The eye-popping irony of a direct resemblance between AOC and a jackass should not be dismissed.

As the prime example of a radical, Marxist liberal, AOC would be the perfect model for a new Democrat Party logo. One donkey befits another. If she were not a driving force behind the socialist attempts to take over our country, this odd animal resemblance might be amusing.

However, AOC, along with the rest of her “squad”, are entitled elitists who are working to undermine American democracy. They want to destroy the patriotic fabric that represents this proud nation. They call for the dismantling of American institutions and then hide behind them.

They want to tear down the greatest country in the history of the world and reshape it to fit their Marxist ideology. Their elitist policies are insane. They are insane. However, it’s ultimately refreshing when American’s get firsthand evidence to prove how hypocritical these radicals are.

It helps even more when they speak and stuff one of their Saks Fifth Avenue fashion designer shoes in their mouth. AOC used both feet this time. We’re confident Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps a mirror handy to admire her donkey-look-alike image.

Insinuating that Republicans, or shrewd progressive men for that matter, experience sexual anxiety because they can’t sleep with her proves AOC has an odd sense of her own personal appeal. It proves she is not only a narcissist, but a rather immature teenager posing as an adult.

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