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Wordle Game App Saves 80-Year-Old Woman’s Life (VIDEO)

There is a new game that it seems that everyone is playing nowadays and it’s called Wordle. Admittedly I have not played it and honestly, I really don’t have any desire to play it.

I’m not much of a game player on my phone anyway or on the computer for that matter. Whenever I do decide to play something it’s normally chess. I admit that I am a chess nerd.

I do think that the concept of the game Wordle is pretty interesting at least from what I gather. My understanding is that there is a word and you have to guess what that word is within a certain number of tries.

Whenever you guess the word if the letters are correct it will highlight those letters for you in one color and if they are correct and in the correct position they’ll highlight them in another color and those are the clues that they give you to help you figure out what word they want you to guess.

Saved an elderly woman in Chicago. According to the New York Post,

A naked man crept into an 80-year-old Chicago woman’s bed and held her hostage for 17 hours — but she was finally rescued after her daughter called the cops because the woman hadn’t texted her the day’s Wordle answers, WBBM-TV reported.

Denyse Holt was asleep on Saturday when the mentally ill man broke into her home in the Windy City’s Lincolnwood neighborhood, according to the outlet.

The intruder — identified as 32-year-old James H. Davis III, who was reportedly bloodied from a broken window — slipped into Holt’s bed while clutching a pair of scissors, the station said.

The woman was honestly afraid for her life but thankfully her daughter was concerned about her because she hadn’t received a text that morning for the puzzle. This led to her family calling the police Revenge showed and took the kidnapper into custody.

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