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Women In NYC Are Lying To Men About Their Status, ‘In Clubs They Claim They’re Not…

The vax church would like you to believe that everything is fine and that you are a social outcast if you fail to vaccinate. Well, the opposite is true, women in New York City are lying about their vaccination status because men are worried.

“In clubs, they claim they’re NOT vax’d. They say things like ‘Oh COVID is bullshit‘ or ‘I don’t want to try this new experimental shot,’ one man said. “However, after going out with them several times, the women finally admit they took the vax . . . and watch as most potential husbands leave them almost on the spot.”

The division pops up as cases in highly vaccinated areas surge and as Joe Biden throws his hands up in defeat.

After a year in office claiming that he would shut down the virus, Joe Biden has admitted defeat. According to a report from Politico health officials inside and outside the administration are admitting there is nothing else they can do but hope the pandemic ends soon.

“We’re going to have another two-and-a-half, three weeks, maybe four weeks of this viral blizzard where we’ll see one challenge after another,” said Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota who advised the Biden administration. “There’s nothing at the federal level that’s going to change that.”

The report highlights that despite earmarking tens of millions of dollars to address COVID the government still “lacks the testing and tracing capabilities needed to closely track the virus’s spread — leaving officials scrambling to catch up as infections soar beyond the 1 million-per-day mark.”

The CDC has turned into the butt of everyone’s jokes, even late-night TV programs are starting to poke fun at the organization.

On top of that, the left is at war with itself. The establishment is trying to create a mid-term pivot meanwhile the vax church – that they created – is refusing to go along.

For example, the CDC has faced backlash because they shortened the isolation guidelines claiming the change is rooted in science. However, a few days later Fauci gave a series of interviews with the corporate media claiming the CDC is going to make changes based on the backlash.

Joe said he would shut down the virus however his missteps have made everything worse and that’s why women in NYC are lying about their status. They don’t know what to believe anymore they just know something is wrong.

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