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Woman Learns Husband Fathered Best Friend’s Baby After Seeing the Baby…Here’s How (VIDEO)

Woman Learns Husband Fathered Best Friend’s Baby After Seeing the Baby…Here’s How (VIDEO)

Birthmarks are fairly common. Virtually all newborn babies have some type of birthmark. While they are usually not hereditary, they can signify a common genetic trait or inherently transferred trait.

There have been circumstances where matching or similar birthmarks are passed down to children. Well, in Arizona, one such mark exposed a cheating spouse. One new Arizona mom certainly was not aware of the probability of such a discriminating genetic transfer.

Hailey Custer, a 28-year-old married mother with four children, discovered her husband’s infidelity in a rather unique way. Just like birthmarks are unique, they can ultimately be extremely revealing.

This is especially true when you discover an identical birthmark on a newborn’s neck that is the same as the one on your ex-spouse’s neck. Hailey Custer thought she was helping a down-on-her-luck true friend.

When she was changing the baby’s diaper at home, Custer was startled by what she discovered. The birthmark on the newborn matched almost exactly. Custer was instantly confused and abruptly heartbroken.

What made the revealing truth more hurtful was that the woman Custer was helping was supposedly a best friend. The Arizona mother of four admitted that she knew her now ex-husband was a cheater.

Custer estimates that Travis Bowling had dozens of extra-marital affairs during their six-year marriage. She claims her unscrupulous ex has two children from two of these clandestine rendezvous.

When she saw the birthmark, Custer said she was overwhelmed with shock. She said that she was unable to process what she was seeing. It seemed unbelievable. As the truth started to sink in, the “bestie” felt bitterness towards her double-crossing friend.

Custer said, “Like you have your shock, your anger, and you come to the conclusion that this is actually real life, this is actually happening.” As the confusion and anger began to subside, Custer realized she needed to reassess her reaction.

The mother-of-four quickly abandoned her resentful feelings. She conceded it would be best for everyone if she forgave her friend for the sake of the baby. Custer has been acting in a father-like capacity to the fatherless newborn.

Custer went on to explain, “I kept hearing the words over and over in my head, ‘bigger picture.’ For me, that meant; stop with your tunnel vision.” When Hailey Custer shared her experience on TikTok, she was an instant favorite. Now, her original video has over 3 million views.

Custer said that of all the comments, less than a handful were from insolent idiots. She went on to insist it’s all about forgiveness. As she overcame her resentment and angry feelings, she realized she needed to do the right thing. The world could use more people like Hailey Custer.

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