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Woke Liberal Students Get Kyle Rittenhouse Kicked Out of School

Woke Liberal Students Get Kyle Rittenhouse Kicked Out of School

There was a point in our nation’s history where everyone, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity, was presumed innocent until proven guilty. That constitutional right still exists on paper today, but there is now growing prevalence within the “court of public opinion”.

Often, the court of public opinion coincides with the truth. For Kyle Rittenhouse, the way he has been treated by the radical left, especially their bullhorns in the mainstream media, it has been anything but truthful.

Rittenhouse was even deemed a white supremacist, long before he went to trial, by Joe Biden. The fake news, liberal mainstream media have echoed the same false narrative. Now, the woke cancel culture is targeting Kyle Rittenhouse, despite his acquittal on all charges.

A jury of his peers found Kyle not guilty on all counts. However, a band of crazed woke liberals at Arizona State University (ASU) does not ascribe to the rights cemented by our Constitution. All Rittenhouse wanted to do after his arduous battle for his freedom was to be normal.

It appears Kyle’s life will be anything but. The courageous young man was taking online classes at ASU. During various interviews, he expressed his full intention to enroll at ASU and attend class in person.

Evidently, he may not be given that opportunity. During the transitional period between the final days of his trial and formal admission to ASU, Kyle has stopped the process. Apparently, a radical group of Arizona State students does not understand how our legal system works.

When you are found not guilty based on factual evidence, you have the right to resume your normal life in this country, but not if your name is Kyle Rittenhouse. This deranged group of activist liberal students exerted pressure on the ASU administration.

The liberal administrators have apparently crumbled under the pressure. This is not unlike what is happening in the majority of our Democrat-run major cities. The group at ASU had a list of all-too-familiar woke demands.

They insisted that any acceptance for enrollment secured by Rittenhouse be rescinded. These lunatics also asked ASU to issue a public reprisal of Rittenhouse, labeling him a white supremacist.

We must not forget the truth of what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was forced to defend himself against multiple attackers. In self-defense, Rittenhouse had to shoot and kill two assailants, and wound a third.

Each of these three people was white. There is no logical reason to bring race into the discussion, let alone depict Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. This is a false narrative perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Even Joe Biden is guilty of this slanderous, false reference. If the absolute absurdity of the ASU students wasn’t bad enough, they also want the administration to defund the campus police force. Yes, defund the police has bled into our university system.

These self-entitled students want money that funds the ASU campus police department redirected to their Multicultural Center. Maybe any criminal elements on campus can get themselves a milkshake, instead of being investigated by law enforcement for a potential crime.

It is not yet certain if Kyle Rittenhouse has stopped the process of being a full-time student at ASU. The last indication is that he still anticipates attending. However, why would he bother? College is supposed to be an enjoyable maturing process for young people.

Why would Kyle Rittenhouse want to subject himself to the senseless harassment coming from a bunch of immature brats? Kyle would be better served to enroll at a university that accepts him under the truthful pretense that he is an innocent young man.

At the same time, Arizona State University, and its obviously “woke kneeling” administration, should be added to the list of targets for Kyle’s legal team. Until the woke mob is held accountable for their un-American assaults on freedom, they will keep right on.

Arizona State University may not be Kyle’s best choice. However, some proud university will do the right thing. In the meantime, the Rittenhouse legal team should bring the fight to the doorstep of ASU administrators.

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