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Wikipedia Cofounder Makes Startling Revelation About World’s Most Popular Research Portal

You’re sitting at your computer, or searching across your mobile device, for information about someone or something. Logically, you’ll navigate to the world’s most popular research tool. Wikipedia is almost everyone’s go-to site for information. It’s a massive online encyclopedia.

With over 18 billion viewers each month, you’d probably feel confident in the authenticity and accuracy of what you find, right? But what if you found out otherwise? What if the information you uncover is purposefully manipulated to push an underlying agenda?

That’s exactly what Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger says is happening at the giant research portal. Sanger sat down for an interview with Lockdown TV. He clearly thinks that much of the information presented on Wikipedia is manipulated.

Sanger says, “Wikipedia gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to shore up their power.” Steven Crowder and Dave Landau orchestrated some experiments to test for bias within Wikipedia’s pages.

What they found was a perfect setup to allow internal restrictions to control how Wikipedia pages could be edited. For example, certain pages require a preset number of acceptable edits by the editor to make changes.

“Ten successful edits” is not an uncommon guideline for many pages. However, other pages have suspiciously rigid restrictions. If you want to correct inaccurate information on Joe Biden’s Wikipedia page, you must have a 30-day minimum active account and 500 successful edits.

Now let’s look at a really suspicious Wikipedia editing parameter. The COVID-19 Wikipedia page can only be edited by administratively approved accounts. Crowder says that there are only 1,000 such accounts worldwide.

Now, these so-called Wikipedia editors are required to be neutral. Some investigation proves this theory to be untrue. If you search for Mao Zedong, the infamous Chinese tyrant, you will find some very strange omissions.

A Wikipedia quiz to determine “editor neutrality” insists that the mention of Zedong as a barbarian, devoid of compassion for human life, cannot be stated on Wikipedia as fact. However, the facts indicate that Zedong starved over 40 million people to death.

That would meet most people’s definition of barbaric. However, Wikipedia won’t allow such an accurate portrait of the communist tyrant. The researchers produced an hour-long YouTube video exposing the truth about Zedong’s torture chambers and other Wikipedia manipulations.

Wealthy elites are growing increasingly more brazen. Attempts to manipulate the minds of the masses are gaining traction every day. It’s happening in the mainstream media and across a wide range of public interactions.

However, most people would hope that researching something through an encyclopedia would produce unbiased and honest information. Think again. Even the world’s most popular research portal is part of this manipulative scheme. Using Wikipedia today? Better check your facts first.

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