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White House Furious After ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Commercial During Super Bowl Captivates Audiences

It is no doubt that the White House was furious after NBC allowed a 30-second “Let’s Go Brandon” commercial to air in the swing state of Pennsylvania during the Super Bowl.

The commercial was created by a Republican candidate for US Senate Dave McCormick citing the incompetence of the Biden administration by highlighting Joe’s missteps that are crushing the country.

“The issues we are facing are so much bigger than ‘Brandon,’” McCormick told Fox News. “The frustration and anger we are feeling toward the failures of our current leadership in Washington is what motivated me to run.”

“Whether it’s not being able to afford gas or groceries because of record-high inflation, rampant crime in our cities, a dramatic spike in the trafficking of fentanyl and human exploitation across open borders, or the disgraceful lack of accountability for the death of 13 young service members in Afghanistan – these problems were self-inflicted by Joe Biden and the extreme policies of the left,” McCormick said. “Pennsylvanians have had enough.”

“I believe in its greatness,” he told Fox News. “Together we can turn things around by restoring common sense and strong leadership.”

The ad aired on the heels of a report showing that Biden’s approval rating in Pennsylvania is 36% and he is bleeding support from Independents.


The report showed that Biden only has an approval rating above 45% in only four states.

Biden is doing such a bad job that one of Obama’s top generals told Joe to cut the crap in a New York Times op-ed.

David Axelrod told Biden he should think twice before he speaks to the American people:

Mr. President, proceed with caution. Talk about the things you and Congress have done to help meet the challenges Americans are facing, for sure. Lay out your goals for the future, absolutely. Offer realistic hope for better days ahead. We desperately need it. But recognize that we are still in the grips of national trauma.

[A “national trauma” due in large part to Biden’s mindblowing ineptitude and purposely-created crises]

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans believe we are on the wrong track, and people will have little patience for lavish claims of progress that defy their lived experiences.

Unsurprisingly, incidents of suicide, drug overdose deaths, and violence in our homes and on the streets have grown dramatically. Frustrations with masks, mandates, and shifting rules have deepened our political divides.

Jobs have come roaring back, raising wages. But those wage increases have been eaten up by inflation, the likes of which we have not seen in four decades. And all the while, the rich have gotten richer. [OK, he is David Axelrod, but don’t lose the larger point he’s making.]

The state of the union is stressed. To claim otherwise — to highlight the progress we have made, without fully acknowledging the hard road we have traveled and the distance we need to go — would seem off-key and out of touch.

If David Axelrod is coming out publically and saying this Biden is off the rails and the Democrat party is in a panic.

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