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Whistleblower’s Pre-Election Email Reveals Plot to Embed 35,000 Ballots in Pima County, Arizona

The United States is now more than a year removed from the contentious 2020 Presidential Election. Throughout the last year, mounting evidence has been uncovered to prove that it was not a fair and honest election. There was fraud. Democrats cheated.

Nevertheless, even moderate liberals use the fallback response, “not widespread” to describe what is the truth. However, just like insisting that the election results were 100 percent secure, this is a lie. Piles of testimony and documents are proving there was widespread election fraud.

Exactly one week after the polls closed on November 10, 2020, a newly discovered whistleblower sent an email. Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem acquired the authentic whistleblower email that was dated November 10, 2020.

Finchem read the email into the record. It described a seditious plot to automatically embed the vote logs with 35,000 Democrat votes. This means that every Democrat on the ballot mysteriously started with 35,000 votes.

The notification also forbade anyone part of the scheme from bringing a camera, cell phone or any type of recording device. These crooks obviously didn’t want any evidence left behind. This is clearly voter fraud.

It’s also the obvious reason why many precincts, especially in swing states such as Arizona, had thousands more votes than they had registered voters. Again, this is clearly fraud and there’s now documented proof it happened. The reports of voter fraud in Arizona don’t end there.

Multiple undocumented ballots came from a fraternity house. Oddly enough, at a school where the average student age is roughly 20-years-old, these votes were from voters with an average age of 45.

There have been investigations into suspicious addresses on mail-in ballots as well. At least 200 of these investigations have found homeowners who had no idea who the person on the mail-in ballot was.

These votes did not come from people who lived at the address on the ballot. Multiple news sources, such as the Gateway Pundit, have also uncovered other alarming evidence of blatant fraud.

One precinct in Pima County, Arizona produced a voter turnout that exceeded 100 percent of their registered voters. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in mathematics to realize something isn’t right with these numbers.

In fact, they essentially prove fraud. There were also 40 or more other precincts that reported a whopping 97 percent turnout rate on mail-in ballots. These numbers do not line up with the percentage of voters in these precincts who showed up to vote in person.

Once again, something smells awfully fishy. Other precincts, including virtually everyone in Pima County, recorded double the number of registered voters over the population. The question to answer now isn’t “if voter fraud was rampant during the 2020 Presidential Election”.

Evidence continues to mount that there was. The eventual question will be, how can “the big steal” be undone? Unfortunately, with a wall of radical liberals blocking the truth, Americans must adjudicate justice at the polls in November 2024.

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