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Whistleblower Proves AG Garland Lied Under Oath and Used the FBI Counterterrorism Unit Against Parents

Whistleblower Proves AG Garland Lied Under Oath and Used the FBI Counterterrorism Unit Against Parents

The Democrat Party has been weaponizing federal law enforcement for years. They used the FBI and Department of Justice in an attempt to derail a political campaign and destroy a sitting president. The abuse of deep-state power has not stopped.

In fact, now the power of the federal government is being leveled against American citizens. Many cautioned this was the next step, while they watched a fabricated hoax unravel. Now, Joe Biden is using his Department of Justice (DOJ), to attack vocal parents.

Parents across the nation are guilty of one thing; sticking up for their children. However, disagreeing with tyrannical mandates and the indoctrination of their children flies in the face of the liberal socialist’s plan of the radical left.

These parents must be silenced. To do so, Biden worked in concert with the National School Boards Association (NSBA), to trigger the DOJ against these so-called, outspoken insurgents. In an exaggerated plea from the NSBA, parents were labeled as potential domestic terrorists.

Since our corrupt U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, released his “follow-up memo”, even the NSBA has apologized for its overly dramatic and misleading portrayal of engaged moms and dads. The Biden justice department refuses to do any such thing.

In fact, they’re doubling down on their efforts to squash the free speech rights of parents. House Republicans have uncovered a sinister plan to intensify the DOJ’s targeting of innocent parents. In newly released documents, a whistleblower shows the FBI employed counterterrorism measures.

These alarming new facts contradict what AG Garland said while under oath before Congress. Garland testified that such anti-terrorism measures were not being utilized. He was lying. The whistleblower brought forth an email sent one day before Garland was set to testify.

In the email, FBI personnel were to apply a new threat tag to all “investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers and staff.”

Despite zero evidence of any threats of violence, especially at a level that would warrant the federal government’s involvement, AG Garland mobilized the full power of the FBI against parents. The email proves what Republicans have been insisting all along.

AG Garland weaponized the federal government against parents for exercising their First Amendment right because they were pushing back against mandates and the teaching of critical race theory. AG Merrick Garland abused his power and lied to Congress. He must resign.

Parents across the nation weren’t doing anything wrong. What they were doing was speaking out against the tyrannical agenda of Joe Biden’s radically liberal presidency. The man who professed to be a moderate is nothing but a puppet for the left’s radical ideology.

Senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Christopher Rufo, says this is the “smoking gun” Republicans were looking for. It proves that the Biden administration tried to employ the powers of the federal government to silence free speech.

They not only aspired to silence these voices for freedom, they attacked them as domestic terrorists. This is one of the most vile and despicable abuses of power by a president in history. Despite the clear evidence, Biden and his mouthpieces still lie and deflect the truth.

Joe Biden, and the rest of his insanely radical Democrat liberals, is trying to reshape the country. They are pushing a big government Marxist ideology. Thankfully, Americans are opening their eyes to the truth. Now, let’s just hope the awakening continues before it’s too late.

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