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Watch: Trudeau ROCKED! Gets DEMOLISHED By Conservative Leader To His Face, ‘When Will…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was laughed at and heckled while speaking in Parliament after conservative leaders demanded he brings an end to COVID vaccine requirements.

Trudeau wouldn’t answer the question and instead attacked conservatives for supporting the Freedom Convoy.

The Prime Minister is getting ready to split the city of Ottowa into zones.

According to reports, Trudeau will declare “certain zones that are adjacent to critical infrastructure like borders, like our national symbols including legislatures, like war monuments … as a no-go zone.”

Shortly after Trudeau announced he would be invoking unprecedented emergency powers Ottawa’s police chief resigned signaling that he wants no part of what is to come.

Despite this truckers are remaining resolute.

“We are not backing off,” Erik Mueller, a truck driver said. “We have too much to lose.”

“They can take our bank accounts, they can freeze our assets, they can take the insurance off our vehicles,” Wayne Narvey, a protestor said. “They can play all the games they want. We’re not leaving.”

Authorities are also planning on banning any further protests.

From The Washington Post via MSN:

Under rules the government published Tuesday, authorities said they can ban public assemblies that “may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace” and “designate and secure protected places, including critical infrastructure,” which includes trade corridors and international border crossings.

The measures also allow officials to remove vehicles, equipment or structures that are part of a blockade “anywhere in Canada” and grant the power to “require any crowdfunding platform and payment processor” to report transactions to financial authorities.

You can watch the video of Trudeau getting roasted below:

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