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WATCH: Top Cardiologist Discusses SHOCKING Study Regarding Jab vs Virus

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all been admonished if we don’t “follow the science”. A wave of supposedly scientific good sense has been spewed from the mouths of senseless politicians and seemingly benign medical bureaucrats.

However, every time Americans turn around, there’s a new twist on the science, or the science has proven to be totally wrong. True science says masks provide little, if any, viable protection against the virus. Nevertheless, we have an enormous number of mask mandates in place.

Lockdowns were an abject failure at curbing the spread of the virus. However, each time the bureaucrats who control the narrative get a whiff of a new COVID-19 variant, lockdowns are back at the forefront of every conversation.

But then there is all the commotion surrounding who needs or who doesn’t really need to get a vаccination. According to Joe Biden and his bureaucratic parrots, every living, breathing creature on the planet must be forced to get “the jab”.

Just like masks, lockdowns, and every otherwise Draconian COVID-19 mandate, the policy makes no sense. A new study by a top cardiologist may prove that getting vаccinated makes even less sense. First, let’s consider some other variables.

One, very few healthy people who are under the age of 50 will struggle with COVID-19. The younger the person is, the more minimal the risk. Invariably, the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 are happening to unhealthy and immune-compromised people.

These are facts. Regardless of anyone’s self-proclaimed sense of entitlement to force mandates on others, we cannot deny the facts. There are other facts related to the COVID-19 as well. These facts are buried under mounds of liberal talking points designed to push the vаccine.

The facts address how robust naturally acquired immunity is. No one, and we repeat no one, seems willing to discuss the obvious. What happens when we’ve recovered from COVID? How does our immune system hold up against future infections?

There are studies out there, the most valid coming out of Israel, which insist that natural immunity to COVID-19 is better than that received from the vаccine, plus it lasts longer. Again, these are scientific studies, which virtually every mainstream media outlet ignore.

They must ignore them. These are not the stories that the compliance-driven radical left wants to impose. Joe Biden wants everyone to just shut up, get vаccinated, and don’t ask questions. Here’s a lollipop for being a good little boy or girl and complying.

But again, these masked marauders of mandates are lying. This has not drifted into a pandemic of the unvаccinated. Vаccinated people are getting reinfected, often at a higher rate than the unvаccinated. Vаccinated people who catch COVID again are getting hospitalized as well.

In addition, no one is researching how many COVID-19 recovered people are not getting reinfected. This is blatant medical neglect, if nothing else. As we reconsider the study by the previously mentioned top cardiologist, it gets even worse.

Not only does getting vаccinated not necessarily protect you from getting COVID-19 again, it might have a higher probability of killing you than the virus does. This simply goes so contrary to logical common sense it’s almost unbelievable.

In teenagers, especially males, there is a better chance of landing in the hospital due to a reaction to the vаccination than there is to the virus itself. There’s also a far greater probability that a teenager will die from the COVID-19 vаccination than from catching the virus.

The cardiologist who released the data is not some backwoods general physician. Dr. Peter McCullough is a prominent doctor who has been published in hundreds of acclaimed medical journals. Dr. McCullough knows what he’s talking about.

This man is one of the most renowned cardiologists in the world. Why aren’t the people in charge of setting policy for a deadly virus considering the educated opinions and data from world-class professionals?

It’s simple. What Dr. Peter McCullough is proving is that their Draconian mandates, from masks to vаccinations, are unnecessary. They never were. It pulls the curtain back on this hideous power grab.

In an interview, Dr. McCullough dug into the heart of the matter. McCullough has chaired numerous data safety boards. He has been responsible for shutting down dozens of unnecessary big pharma programs mandates.

McCullough feels the FDA is compliant in triggering another government-mandated medical program that has zero validity. Forced vаccines balloon the profits of big pharmaceutical companies.

Many experts are convinced this is the only motive for vаccine mandates. While vаccine mandates continue to be pushed, startling mounds of evidence emerge that show the vаccine is killing people, sometimes at a higher rate than the virus. The numbers are startling.

There is also zero data about how these vаccines will affect people over time. How many deadly side effects will be discovered in the months and years to come? McCullough thinks that there have already been no less than 50,000 deaths in the U.S. caused by the vаccine.

People are being forced to choose between their job and a vаccine. However, the choice is now obviously a far greater one. As new data emerges, data produced by acclaimed medical experts, the choice may be between getting vаccinated and losing your life. We choose life.

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