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WATCH: Tesla Owner Refuses to Pay $22,000 for a Replacement Battery…So He Does This Instead

WATCH: Tesla Owner Refuses to Pay ,000 for a Replacement Battery…So He Does This Instead

“What if I purchased a fancy electric vehicle and things didn’t work out as planned? Joe Biden’s socialist plan has an EV incentive. Sounds like bait, right?”

The new ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program will be an incentive to purchase EVs. The tax break of $7,500 would be available for anyone who buys an electric car. However, if someone purchases one that is manufactured by a U.S. union, they can write off up to $12,500 on their taxes!

But what about Joe Biden’s disingenuous tax incentive? He promises $500 to the buyer of an electric vehicle. But don’t be fooled; there’s a catch.

You can get a tax break when you buy an American-made car! Even if you decide not to buy anything yet, it never hurts to fill out a quick questionnaire. This might make a lot of people interested in the product even if they weren’t fully convinced before.

For years, major automotive companies have been investing in cleaner & more sustainable production. We’re not even going to discuss mechanic labor costs and standard auto repairs. Instead, let’s talk about the one vital accessory in an electric vehicle—the battery.

When it comes to electric cars, the battery is obviously very important and it seems that the electric car industry realizes this. One Tesla owner found out just how indispensable the battery of their car was when they made a dash for a new one.

There are no debates about electric car sticker prices or how much other parts might cost. For one Tesla owner, it was all time the battery. When Tuomas Katainen discovered how much it was going to set him back for a replacement battery, he thought.

Katainen has a 2013 Tesla S Model. As previously mentioned, Tesla has decent warranty coverage for its batteries up to 150,000 miles or 8 years. However, if you keep your electric vehicle past either of those limitations, be careful when you have to replace the battery.

Considering the fairly high estimated longevity of electric vehicles, it’s likely you’ll keep yours for longer than eight years.

If the battery malfunctions, we recommend sitting down before seeing how much it’ll cost to replace. A replacement in a 2013 Tesla S model needs about $22,000 in small loans.

Yes, batteries have a VERY high replacement cost. Kitainen was clearly not pleased about this and instead of paying up the cash for a new battery, he made a consumer statement by turning to a local YouTube group in Jyväskylä.

Pommijätkät are “The Bomb Dudes” of YouTubers. These “Dudes” towed a broken-down Tesla out of city limits. They found an abandoned quarry and this seemed like the perfect location for Katainen to make its statement.

Recently, the car company Tesla has been attracting a lot of attention for its new models and innovations. To add to that, Katainen decided to spot Elon Musk as the driver of one Tesla. This was put up as a sign of protest against Tesla’s way of working, and highlighted various other safety concepts such as battery.

Tesla’s S model, which belongs to European Commissioner Jyrki Katainen, was reported to have been destroyed in a blaze. It is not the only Tesla that has been blown up from time to time. Some US drivers have also been receiving eye-popping bills for replacement batteries of faulty Teslas lately.

One of the most famous Finnish people, Katainen is a former minister and former Vice President of the European Commission. He was also a Formula One driver. He mentioned that he thoroughly enjoyed his time as a racing driver and that sometimes he would deliberately crash just to feel what it was like.

Just because Joe Biden says he’ll give you a whopping tax incentive for purchasing an electric vehicle, better check the parts catalog first. Either that, or preemptively invest in a few pounds of dynamite. You know, just in case.

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