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Watch: Rep Gaetz Give Statement About Commission That Has Dems In A Panic

After a statement from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), it is no wonder why it is rumored that Pelosi will be resigning after the mid-terms.

Gaetz said that should Republicans take over after the midterms he is not going to get rid of the 1/6 Commission but he’s going to “take it over.”

“I would throw off the tyrants that are on that committee now. I would make Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene the chair, I would make Rep. Darren J Beattie the Staff Director, and then we’d get the truth in front of the American people,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz’s also asked another question that has Democrats petrified.

Democrats were in full swing on 1/6 and many believe it is because of Joe Biden’s low approval numbers. Some commented that if Biden’s approval numbers were better they wouldn’t be so dramatic.

Democrats appeared to be so traumatized that they sent out fundraising emails and texts to raise money off the pagentry.

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