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WATCH: New York Nurse Blows the Whistle on Botched CΟVID Vaccines Given to Kids

COVID-19 has been devastating. Most of the responsibility for all the confusing chaos people have experienced is because of medical CΟVID bureaucrats.

They’re culpable in millions of deaths. Their ineptitude has turned a terrible situation into a catastrophe. At some level, these individuals should be investigated and charged with medical malpractice. One heavily debated question about the pandemic is how we should treat children.

Children have proved highly resistant to the virus. They are less prone to becoming infected. The degree of sickness is dramatically less. Despite this scientific evidence, corrupt medical bureaucrats have still pushed for children to be vaccinated.

These insane policies defy both logic and medical facts. Research has shown children to be in more danger from vaccine side effects than they are from COVID. Project Veritas just exposed even more alarming reports about kids and the vaccine.

A pediatric nurse from New York blew the whistle on what amounts to unconscionable medical malpractice. The reports concern vaccinations given to children at one facility. Logically, these same types of situations could be assumed to happen elsewhere.

One supervisor at the facility was heard insisting that “some people got the wrong one.” They were referring to the administering of an incorrect vaccine to a child. This is insane. Not only do kids not benefit from the vaccine, medical quacks are giving them the wrong one.

There was another report about a medical staffer asking about the mix solution for the vaccine. Vaccine protocols specify the exact solution to be used. This person didn’t have a clue how to properly use the saline solution with the vaccine.

A rather helpful fellow staffer told the person to “YouTube it”. This is beyond wrong. It’s blatant medical malfeasance. An error in the solution could render the vaccine ineffective. How would anyone ever know? We trust these medical professionals to know their job.

Other reports about this unnecessary push to vaccinate children come from the head clown, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Despite the scientific evidence against it, Fauci now says babies from 6-months of age up to four years old should get a three-shot series of vaccines.

COVID-19 has been a horrific experience. It caused chaos and calamity. However, the worst part of the pandemic has been all the unnecessary confusion. There are reasons for it. The reasons involve a deceitfully corrupt medical bureaucracy.

Everyone was told to get vaccinated, so you’re immune to the virus. That was a lie. Now children are being swept up in this horrible scam. Children don’t even need to be vaccinated. The vaccine has a far greater chance of killing them than the virus does.

There isn’t even discussion about what side effects are beginning to emerge and what unknowns we haven’t accounted for. Why are they pushing a vaccine protocol that isn’t protecting people from COVID? Why are children being coerced into a shot they do not need?

The level of medical ineptitude exposed by COVID-19 is astounding. There have been more mistakes than successes. The medical community has failed. Or did they? As time passes, some are going to follow the money trail. Too many of these failures point to dollar signs.

This whole pandemic has turned into a crooked moneymaking scheme. At the heart of the scam are our trusted medical professionals. They’ve scammed the world. However, now they’re attacking our children. This is unacceptable. There must be consequences.

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