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WATCH: Mayor Of San Francisco Admits Failure After School Board Recall

In the wake of three school board members being unseated and replaced by massive margins in a recall election this past week, San Francisco Mayor London Breed admitted that the San Francisco Board of Education has “failed our children.”

While taking part in an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd this past Sunday, Breed finally admitted that the entire recall effort was centered around the frustrations from parents with members of the school board to focussing on odd progressive concerns while ignoring the needs of the students to be back in the classrooms.

“So, there’s all these array of takes,” claimed Todd in the wake of reading numerous headlines from various periodicals from across the country giving their takes on the recall vote, “what’s yours?”

“Well, my take is, it was really about the frustration of the Board of Education doing their fundamental job, and that is to make sure that our children are getting educated, that they get back into the classroom, and that did not occur,” exclaimed Breed. “They were focusing on other things that were clearly a distraction. Not to say that those other things around renaming schools and conversations around changes to our school district weren’t important, but what was most important was the fact that our kids were not in the classroom.”

Breen bragged about the city’s records for the handling of COVID-19, stating that the city’s Department of Public Health had been a “leader” throughout the pandemic and that in quite a few cases, the city had instigated some of the “most conservative policies to ensure the safety of all San Franciscans,” and that the COVID-19 stats seem to display the city as a “clear leader.” Despite the bragging, Breed did go on to admit that “we failed our children, parents were upset, the city as a whole was upset, and the decision to recall school board members was a result of that.”

When questioned about what qualities she was looking for in any replacements for the freshly unseated members, Breen stated that she is looking for people “that are going to focus on the priorities of the school district, and not on politics, and not on what it means to run for office, and ‘stepping stones’ … we need people who want to be on the school board to make a difference.”

Breed also had a problem with the statements made by the removed board commissioner Gabriela Lopez, who took time on Thursday to tweet out that “white supremacists” were happy and aligned with the recall. “[I]t’s not the right kind of reaction,” claimed Breed. “and the fact that we’re still even listening to any of the recalled school board members is definitely a problem. … This person is making it about [her] when it really should be about our kids, who have suffered, not just in San Francisco, but all over this country as a result of this pandemic.”

“At the end of the day, our kids were not in school, and they should have been,” stated Breed.



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