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WATCH: Justin Trudeau’s Brother Accuses Brother of Being a Puppet for the Anti-Freedom Global Elitists

Americans who believe in the notion of a global elitist group working to control the world don’t need to look far for proof. Just take a look at our neighbor to the north. Canada, once a proud democracy, albeit with a scattered population, is fast becoming an authoritarian state.

All we need to do is watch one of Justin Trudeau’s abysmal attempts at on-camera sincerity, and it becomes obvious. Justin Trudeau truly believes he is some kind of elite deity. His mannerisms and condescending vocal inflections are nauseating.

When scanning the world for comparable types of pompous global elites, one rather similar personality comes to mind. It’s Hillary Clinton. Like “Crooked Hillary”, Trudeau is a bombastic blowhard who clearly suffers from a tremendously exaggerated sense of self-importance.

If you don’t agree with Justin Trudeau, then you’re a bigot, a racist, or simply an undemocratic potential terrorist. We’re not kidding, either. These are basically the exact words Canada’s Prime Minister has used to describe a wave of protest in his country.

Trudeau and his entire nation have been catapulted into the media spotlight recently. A huge group of truckers is protesting Trudeau’s federal vaccine mandates. Most insist openly that they are not anti-vaccination.

However, they are against a federal order forcing people to get a COVID shot. Trudeau has used every deplorable definition available to him to describe the protesters. They’re not doing anything undemocratic, however much Trudeau bemoans that they are.

What these protesters are doing is standing up against an elitist’s mandate. In the eyes of these self-righteous rulers, that’s akin to treason. It’s not, but they’ll use every tool in their arsenal to try to convince everyone that it is.

One person isn’t buying Trudeau’s charade. What’s even more astonishing is that this person is actually family. He is the prime minister’s half-brother. Kyle Kemper is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Margaret Trudeau; the mother of both himself and Justin.

Kemper was born in 1984, the son of Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, Fred Kemper. Being the half-brother of a world leader can be insightful. Kemper shared his feelings about what his brother is doing in response to protests against tyrannical policies.

For the record, Kemper likewise opposes the vaccine mandates for the same reasons that the protesters do. He insists this is the opinion of millions of Canadians, not just the wave of truckers taking the country by storm.

Kemper believes his brother is controlled and manipulated by Canada’s “Liberal Party”. Despite being the visual face of the nation, Trudeau is little more than a puppet for the left. This should sound very familiar to Americans. The United States is experiencing the same thing.

Our puppet is a crotchety old man whose strings are pulled by the same type of self-entitled elitists. Kemper believes his brother is a “weak leader,” a man who is “not speaking from his heart.” Again, does this sound eerily familiar?

At least Justin Trudeau can make it through a speech without bumbling through sentences and reading the instructions off the teleprompter. Those blunders seem reserved for “Sleepy Joe”. However, like Biden, Hillary, and all the other self-entitled elitists, Trudeau is an arrogant ass.

He’s a pompous buffoon who throws tantrums when anyone disagrees with him. Justin Trudeau is a puppet for the anti-freedom global elitists, just like Joe Biden. But there’s a bigger problem. They’re both weak leaders, and that’s dangerous. Even his own brother thinks so.

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