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Watch: Jill Biden Swoops In To Stop Joe As He Starts To Embarrass Himself Again

Jill Biden came swooping in from out of nowhere as Joe was getting ready to make a fool of himself again.

On New Year’s Eve reporters caught up with the Biden’s while they were in Delaware and asked for comment about the passing of Betty White. Joe turned around and said, “That’s a shame, she was a lovely lady.” Joe was getting ready to say more when Jill Biden swooped in and cut the president off.

“We just loved Betty White. We’re so sad at her death, 99 years old,” she said interrupting Joe and grabbing his arm. “My mother would say: ‘God Love her.’ Incredible.”

Jill then whisked the president away so he couldn’t say anything else.

Jill was trying to get Biden away from the press because his policies are falling apart.


The mandates are working so well that Rhode Island has opened the door for COVID positive “mildly symptomatic” nurses to work because of a staffing shortage.

Oh and this tough guy below got COVID, he was vaccinated and boosted.

Another looming problem for the Biden administration is that Fauci’s mask is slipping, he admitted the NIH and the Chinese were collaborating after SARS-COV-1

Biden also has a great plan to cut food inflation…print more money.

It’s no wonder Jill doesn’t want Biden talking with the press his administration is the definition of insanity.

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