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Watch: Biden Admin Collapsing Like A House Of Cards, Psaki Speechless After Grilling, ‘I’m Not Going To Detail Private…

Everyone but the Democrats saw this coming, the reckoning of the Biden administration is here and even the drones in the mainstream media can’t ignore it. If you’ve watched any of the press conferences since the administration has returned from the holiday it’s apparent that some in the corporate media are also fed up with the Biden administration.

For two days in a row, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been grilled by the press (finally) and they have no answers.

The White House held a briefing after Joe’s Omicron rant that claimed we are experiencing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” meanwhile had no response to COVID spiking in highly vaccinated areas.

Moments after Joe’s little talk Psaki was asked how employers are expected to comply with Biden’s mandate because of the testing shortage that he creating. For about a minute in a half, Psaki talked in circles and couldn’t give a clear answer.

Psaki tried to spin that that staffing shortages in the airline industry as a result of Biden’s vaccine mandate are a good thing.

The mental gymnastics that is being required to follow these people’s logic is getting ridiculous.

The next day things didn’t get better, Psaki was asked about testing again and she still couldn’t give an answer.

Jen got real mad when a reporter asked why Biden failed to renew partnerships to keep tests cheap.

While Democrats hold cult-like ceremonies about 1/6 Americans are wondering why gas prices are so high, food prices are skyrocketing, and are ticked off schools are closing again.

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