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Watch: AWKWARD!! Joe And Jill Refuse To Acknowledge Kamala After Walking Right Past Her

Oh boy the shade war has gone nuclear.

A ceremony was held in the Capitol honoring the passing of Bob Dole and it was attended by many political leaders in Washington. After Vice President Kamala Harris and her hubby Doug were seated the Biden’s were introduced and walked in to take their seats. Neither Joe nor Jill would acknowledge Doug’s greeting and they refused to make eye contact. Joe just kept looking at the ceiling and once seated asked Jill to switches seats because presumably he didn’t want to be close to her.

Meanwhile, Kamala was stiff as a board and also refused to look at the president.

First of all, this shows you just how shallow and childish the administration is. You can’t even be polite in public and pretend like you at least can respect each other?

You can tell the first gentleman Douglas Emhoff was kind of shocked and after being snubbed he turned his head to be polite. It appeared by her body language that Kamala was mad that Joe disrespected her man. If you watch the video a couple of times you’ll notice her head raise as she takes a deep breath after Joe blows her off.

I would love to know what Kamala said to Doug after Biden switched his seat, which looked pathetic.

It’s only been 11 months and the core of the administration is already snubbing each other publicly at a funeral service. It’s no wonder people are resigning left and right who wants to work for these two.

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