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WARNING: Public Schools Are Pushing Wokeness Behind Your Backs – Here’s How

Liberals are determined to brainwash your children. It’s just a fact and there’s no way of getting around this notion.

In fact, the largest book company which we all are aware of, Scholastic, is itself entangled in the woke web and pushing the propaganda that the left is also pushing. I’m sure you’re aware of how big a deal Scholastic is in the public school system.

I can recall even as a kid whenever we would have a book fair coming up or we would get these little Scholastic brochures showing us all the books that we could purchase. As a kid that was very exciting to see because I like books. I still like books today.

I came across a video recently which explained a little bit about how Scholastic is tied to leftist propaganda. Take a look at this.

Just to give you an example there is a book called George and when you search for it on Amazon one of the things that you see is that there’s a little flag on it that says, “Teachers’ pick”. This indicates that this book has met the approval of teachers or so it seems. We don’t know exactly which teachers approve this. But that’s not the idea. The idea is to put this on here because when you see it many people will instantly approve of it in their mind because it has the teachers pick on it. You’ll also notice that this book is designated for 8 to 12 year olds.

So, what is the book about?

According to the description the book is about a boy who thinks that he is a girl.

Just take a look at this excerpt from the book and tell me if you think it’s appropriate.

“George stopped. It was such a short, little question, but she couldn’t make her mouth form the sounds. Mom, what if I’m a girl?” Mandel reads. “George had seen an interview on television a few months ago with a beautiful woman named Tina. She had golden brown skin, thick hair, and blonde highlights, and long sparkling fingernails. The interviewer said that Tina had been born a boy, then asked her whether she had had ‘the surgery.’”

“The woman replied that she was a transgender woman and that what she had between her legs was nobody’s business but her’s and her boyfriend’s,” Mandel continues to read from “George.” “So George knew it could be done: a boy could become a girl.”

“She had since read on the internet that you could take girl hormones that would change your body and you can get a bunch of different surgeries if you wanted them and had the money,” the kids’ book reads. “This was called transitioning. You could even start before you were 18 with pills.”

This is insanity. And once again let this be just another reason to pull your children out of the public school system before they get too indoctrinated with this propaganda because it will happen. We have seen time and time again that they do not want parents to have any say in what they’re teaching. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? This is why. Books like this are being distributed by teachers and given points and rewards for reading this material.

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