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Walgreens Fires Back at AOC for Dismissing Growing Problem of Organized Retail Theft

Walgreens Fires Back at AOC for Dismissing Growing Problem of Organized Retail Theft

As Americans watch catastrophes and troubling crises unfold in real-time, the radical left seems impervious to reality. Liberals continually insist that what we see with our own eyes is not really what’s happening, or there’s an alternative interpretation of the visually obvious.

As America watched hundreds of desperate people clinging to the undercarriage of airplanes, Joe Biden insisted the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success. Someone needs to explain “success” to the families of the 13 dead military heroes because of Joe Biden’s “successful plan”.

Using live drone camera footage capturing the wave of illegal migrants washing across our southern border, news agencies exposed a humanitarian crisis. Liberal mainstream media refused to cover the crisis, or gave it a few seconds of lip service.

However, Biden and his liberal naysayers insisted that they had things under control. The border is closed. It’s not, never has been, and Americans know it. According to the insanity of the left, inflation isn’t real either, or it’s just temporary.

As Americans reach deep into their wallets and pocketbooks to pay outlandishly higher prices for almost everything, the nation knows inflation is real. The crisis and catastrophes caused by liberal policies are affecting Americans all across the nation.

One huge problem that has befallen our greatest cities is crime. Murders have skyrocketed. Liberals will insist that nonviolent crimes are not a problem. Those living in these communities will tell a different story.

As most large metropolitan areas in California suffer under a scourge of crime, liberal politicians are using their trademark trick. Deflect blame, or simply insist that what is visibly happening isn’t really happening.

One liberal lunatic who seems consistently lost on reality is New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). She is part of a collective group of liberals who parrot the common talking points of the radical left.

Inflation is the byproduct of good fortune. Try to explain that theory to a hardworking American parent who has to choose between a gallon of milk and another gallon of gas. Any massive socialist tax and spend proposals are really free.

But everyone knows they’re not. Additionally, liberals believe criminals deserve a break because they are misunderstood. Well, in California, criminals seem to think whatever is on the store shelves should be free as well, because they’re misunderstood.

There have been hundreds of hours of real-time video footage shown of stores being ransacked by robbers. Anyone watching the perfectly coordinated heists would come to the same single conclusion. These criminal acts are not haphazard shoplifting incidents.

The robbing and looting go off without a hitch. It’s just too perfect. Thieves form an orderly line to smash and grab merchandise from shelves and out of busted glass cases. They storm the businesses in an artful unison. These robberies are choreographed.

The thefts are strategically planned out in detail. It’s boldly obvious by watching any of the videos. A new type of organized crime is attacking hundreds of retailers across the United States. However, America rarely hears even a peep out of the mainstream media.

We hear even less from the radical Democrats who support these “misunderstood criminals”. Prima Donna poster girl AOC made a fool of herself yet again. She opened her mouth. That’s usually about all it takes.

Like the rest of her liberal lunatics who have a penchant for dodging reality, AOC insisted that these “smash and grab” organized robberies “are not actually panning out.” The clueless squad member alluded to some outlandish claim that the “data didn’t back it up.”

What data was AOC talking about? An outstanding political ad for an aspiring conservative politician would be a video of one of these tactically coordinated smash-and-grab robberies, with AOC’s pontificating denial as audio.

No sir folks, what you see going on here really isn’t going on here. In her squeaking little self-entitled voice, AOC sings, “these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out.” This woman is so far out of touch with reality it’s scary.

Sort of like the crooked liberal mainstream media insisting that liberal protests are peaceful, while a building goes up in flames in the background. AOC trying to blow off this devastating wave of crime ignited a fiery retort from one of the hardest-hit businesses.

Walgreens issued a response to the pampered New York liberal representative. The company is closing countless locations in major California cities because of this wave of organized retail theft. Because of retail theft, the popular chain has closed 17 stores in San Francisco alone.

Walgreens politely informed Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, “organized retail crime is one of the top challenges facing the company.” Other hard-hit businesses expressed a concern over how easy it is to just steal things from retail stores and then illegally peddle them for sale online.

Rachel Michelin is the president of the California Retailers Association. Michelin says, “the level of violence has taken it to a whole new level.” She insists that no one in the retail industry has seen anything like this before.

So, AOC and the rest of the liberal parrots can continue to spout off their denials of the obvious. We are sorry to inform them, but “a picture’s worth a thousand words”. In this instance, the pictures are real-time video.

Liberals are using a dangerous tactic that is destined for failure. Americans are not stupid. We can see what is happening with our own two eyes. The pictures shout a truth that liberals continue to deny. Next November, a different set of images will tell another real story.

These pictures will be the reporting numbers from voting precincts all across America. These pictures will show how Americans feel about liberal politicians trying to hoodwink them into believing a lie. Sorry AOC, but “we can see with our eyes the corruption in disguise.”

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