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Wait…What?! Oldest Living Person Just Died…You Won’t Believe How Old She Was

More often than not, life has a happy ending. In some circumstances, it takes a “great deal of time” for our life’s ultimate final day on earth to arrive at blissful eternal sleep. Sometimes, it takes a very, very long time.

For one Chinese woman, that turned out to be well over a full century. In fact, Almihan Seyiti lived to be an astonishing 135-years-old. Seyiti, who passed away on December 16, was the oldest living human on record.

She earned the seemingly impossible classification as a super-centenarian. China’s Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics declared Seyiti the nation’s oldest living person eight years ago. Claiming to be born in 1886, this made her 127-years-old at the time.

Seyiti remained in good health, and with her family at her Xinjiang bedside, passed on peacefully. The ethnic Uyghur, from Komuxerik in Shule county of Kashgar prefecture, was born during the imperial Qing dynasty in China.

Seyiti lived her first 24-years under one of the longest imperial dynasties in Chinese history. Some are skeptical of her true age, but it goes without saying that Seyiti lived in what is referred to as “longevity town”.

Komuxerik village reportedly has dozens of residents living in the community over the age of 90. Seyiti is survived by as many as 43 grand and great-grandchildren. One of her grandchildren bragged about how Seyiti would wiggle her feet to the beat when she heard music.

Most researchers from Guinness World Records insist that documenting many of the claims for oldest living human are difficult. One previous claimant to the honor was suspected of using her mother’s birth certificate to tack 23 years onto her own record.

One Indonesian woman claimed to be 157-years-old. It was virtually impossible to verify her true age. However, scientists doubt any human could survive that long. Presently, the honor of oldest living human now shifts to Japan. Kane Tanaka was reportedly born in January 1903.

That would also make Seyiti the last person born in the 19th century to pass. Debates about her actual age can echo on without her. Nevertheless, Seyiti celebrated a 135th birthday, complete with cake and party hat. Sometimes blissful eternal endings take a long time to materialize, a very long time indeed.

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