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Vigilante Known as ‘Stockton Batman’ Apprehends Double Murder Suspect (VIDEO)

Vigilante Known as ‘Stockton Batman’ Apprehends Double Murder Suspect (VIDEO)

We’re not sure if there was an eerie bat silhouette cast across the Stockton, California sky, but a capped crusader answered a call for justice. Two teenagers were recently stabbed to death near Salas Park in the California city of Lodi.

Police eventually apprehended 29-year-old Randall Allenbaugh and charged him with double homicide. However, it’s how they caught Allenbaugh that’s the highlight of the story. A local news site, 209 Times, posted a video by an unknown person telling how he caught Allenbaugh.

The video is of a mystery vigilante known only as the “Stockton Batman”. In the November 16 video, the masked crusader shows the suspect being arrested. He tells an engaging story of how he deduced that the man arrested was the person police wanted for murder.

The Stockton Batman describes how he uncovered different pieces of evidence pointing towards the suspect. Suspicious items were uncovered in a nearby bathroom trashcan. The gallant vigilante then told about how he found the suspect wondering around covered in blood.

The self-proclaimed superhero detained Allenbaugh until police arrived to arrest him. Earlier in the day, police had discovered the bodies of one male and one female dead. The two victims were found near the railroad tracks just north of Harvey Lane in Lodi.

The next notification sent to police was of a possible third stabbing victim. However, it turned out to be Allenbaugh. Police quickly determined that Allenbaugh was their suspect in a double homicide, not a victim.

Allenbaugh was booked on double murder charges and is being held without bond. Even though Allenbaugh and the two victims knew each other, there is still yet no motive for the crime. A murderer was taken off the streets, but the person responsible vanished into the night.

The identity of the Stockton Batman is still unknown. Four years ago, CBS-13 did an interview with an unnamed, masked vigilante for justice. This mysterious person said that he had nailed hundreds of criminals. He took great pride in his citizen’s arrests.

This person said he grew in Stockton and was disappointed at how bad the area had grown. He said that “things weren’t always this bad when I was a child.” No one is 100 percent positive this is the same masked vigilante, but he fits the narrative.

As liberal bureaucrats continue in their attempts to strip law enforcement officers and the U.S. legal system of essential powers, criminals will become increasingly emboldened. Without an abrupt reversal of these crazy policies, vigilantism may be the only way to keep us safe.

Police officers are trained to fight crime. Prosecutors and criminal investigators are educated in how to legally hold lawbreakers accountable. When we restrict their abilities, we all suffer. If Americans don’t take back our country, we may all have to rely on “Batman” to save us.

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