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VIDEO: Uh-Oh Pelosi’s Slip Of The Tongue Reveals Who’s Really In Charge

Pelosi slipped up while speaking during a press engagement and revealed who is really in charge.

Pelosi called Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda the “Obama Agenda.”

Sounds like Pelosi got a call from Obama warning she better pass his…er…Joe’s agenda.

Before Nancy’s little slip up, Obama said on ABC’s Good Morning America that America “desperately needs” to implement Joe’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

Below is a partial transcript:

ROBIN ROBERTS: There’s so much going on right now. You know President Biden extremely well. This is a really important moment in his administration. He’s needing to pass comprehensive legislation and even within the Democratic Party, there seems to be some divide. How do you think he’s handling this particular moment and what does he need to do to pass his agenda?

FORMER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The Build Back America program is something America desperately needs. When you look at the overall package, it’s got a headline price tag of $3.5 trillion, but that’s not a single year. It’s spread out over a number of years. And, most importantly, it’s paid for by asking the wealthiest of Americans, who have benefited incredibly over the last several decades — and even in the midst of a pandemic, saw their wealth and assets rise enormously — asking them to pay a few percentage points more in taxes in order to make sure that we have a economy that’s fair for everybody.

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