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Verdict Rendered in Michael Avenatti vs Stormy Daniels Case

For those who are not aware of the most recent lawsuit involving Stormy Daniels, she was suing her former attorney Michael Avenatti for allegedly stealing approximately $300,000 dollars that was owed to her.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had worked out an agreement with St. Martin’s Press for a book deal for her to write about the alleged $130,000 in hush money that she was supposedly paid to keep quite about President Trump.

That whole thing didn’t end well for her as she ultimately ended up having to pay for his legal fees.

Well, as it turns out, Avenatti stole that money that she was given for her book deal and then lied about it.

According to the NY Post,

To pull off his scheme, prosecutors showed, Avenatti forged Daniels’ name on a letter to her literary agent that directed him to wire two payments meant for the adult entertainer into a bank account he controlled.

Daniels was the government’s star witness at the trial and told jurors that she did not give Avenatti permission to keep the money owed to her through the book contract.

“He stole from me and lied to me,” she said on the witness stand.

Daniels added that Avenatti had promised her he would “never take a penny from me for the book.”

Prosecutors showed jurors documents related to the book deal, as well as a series of text messages between Avenatti and Daniels, which proved how he repeatedly lied to his client about the money.

When she didn’t receive the payments on time, Daniels asked Avenatti about the missing cash, according to the text messages.

“I did not get paid today. I am not f–king happy,” she said in one of the messages about a month after she was due to receive her second payment in 2018.

“The publisher owes me a payment … This is bulls–t,” she wrote in another.

Instead of coming clean about the theft, Avenatti told her he would “figure out” what happened — even though he had already received and spent the money.

One huge mistake that Avenatti made was deciding to represent himself in court. I’m sure that he probably didn’t have enough money to pay for a good lawyer which is why he chose to do so. Either that or he really is just a terrible lawyer who doesn’t know that you should never represent yourself in court. I’ve only seen idiots do that.

Now Avenatti is facing up to 22 years in prison because of his stupidity. You know, they say you can never judge a book by its cover, but I disagree with that. I think it’s often unwise to, but you I don’t always think that someone is just a “book cover”, sometimes you can see the table of contents as well and I could tell from the very beginning that this guy was a dirt bag.

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