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VA GOP Leader Whips Out Her High Heels – After Her Gavel Goes ‘Missing,’ Sears Gets Resourceful

VA GOP Leader Whips Out Her High Heels – After Her Gavel Goes ‘Missing,’ Sears Gets Resourceful

What’s Happening:

The formerly blue state of Virginia was turned on its head last November after a number of Republicans were elected to top positions. That included Winsome Sears, who was elected lieutenant governor. Her victory shattered the left’s narrative that conservatives are racist, old white men—given she is a woman of color.

It seems liberals in the state still haven’t accepted Sears as their lieutenant governor. So, some “prankster” seems to have stolen her gavel to prevent her from opening the Virginia Senate. But that didn’t stop this resourceful, determined leader from doing her job. She just slipped off her pump and got things started anyway.

From Daily Wire:

“[Winsome Sears] gaveled Virginia Senate to order with high-heeled patent leather pump after an unknown prankster hid her gavel,” Washington Post’s Laura Vozzella said on Twitter. “She took the trick in stride: ‘One shoe can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.’”

The lieutenant governor responded to the post. “Resourcefulness- never underestimate it!”

Sears, a Marine Corps veteran, made history in November, becoming the first woman, and the first black woman, to ever be elected Virginia’s lieutenant governor.

Marine Corps veteran and first-ever female lieutenant governor of Virginia Winsome Sears used her patent leather pump to gavel the state Senate to order. Despite someone stealing her gavel, she showed her resourcefulness and quick thinking. This conservative leader reportedly joked about the incident saying, “One shoe can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.”

Sears used what could have been an embarrassing and frustrating moment and turned it into a memorable story. We can only imagine what someone else would have done, perhaps a liberal, if they found out someone took their gavel. Perhaps they would have ranted and raved over the “injustice” of it—and demanded heads to roll.

Instead, Sears didn’t seem all that perturbed, even though she had the right to be. Democrats were outraged that this former servicewoman and woman of color would run as a Republican—and win. They did their best to distract from her campaign, knowing it contradicted their age-old narrative that Republicans are racists.

We don’t know who took the gavel, but I doubt it was just a simple prank. It was a pathetic attempt to tell Sears she didn’t belong in that chair. But they failed, as leftists tend to do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Someone stole Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears’ gavel before the opening of the state Senate.
  • The Republican woman took her high heal pump and gaveled the session to order.
  • The woman of color, and veteran, praised “resourcefulness.”

Source: Daily Wire



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