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Ukrainian President Blows Door Open on Biden’s Lies About Russian Threat – “I Think I Know The Details Better”

So we all know about the drama that is going on between Ukraine and Russia, or at least, we think we know what’s going on.

If you listen to Joe Biden, you would think that war is about to break out. He’s ordered Americans to leave the country and not fly there. But is that really the case?

Well, according to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden is just warmongering and pushing fear on Americans as though Russia is going to be attacking us next or something.

Here is what Zelensky said about Biden’s baseless warnings:

“We are grateful to the United States for their ongoing support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity but I’m the president of Ukraine I’m based here and I think I know the details deeper than any other president the question is not about the US president because we do understand what the risks are and which of those risks are priority risks. And we’ve discussed lots of questions I’d like to explain this a little bit. It’s important that the president should know the situation from me, not from their intermediaries he knows the situation from me personally and we’ve been talking to each other we’ll have another conversation in a couple of weeks as well but it’s important not only for our intelligence community and secret services to exchange information people need to be here and understand all of the details.”

So what will happen between Russia and Ukraine exactly? Well, I don’t think that anyone really knows at the moment, but I’m sure that both of them want to avoid war, so I’m sure that there will be some sort of resolution very soon. But…I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin leverages this opportunity in Biden’s weakness to try and do some things that he wouldn’t otherwise have done under President Trump.

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