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UK Health Security Agency Releases SHOCKING Data on COVID Deaths

UK Health Security Agency Releases SHOCKING Data on COVID Deaths

There has been extensive debate over the COVID vaccines ever since they were made available to the public. Despite projecting doubt, prior to stealing the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden now wants to force every American to get “the jab”.

This tyrannical abuse of American’s constitutional rights does not give the slightest consideration for natural immunity. Now, data is surfacing that the overall efficacy of the hastily approved COVID vaccines may not be as good as Biden professes it to be.

A health security agency out of the United Kingdom has released some startling new data. The information shows how many COVID deaths have occurred recently in England. The most alarming part of these reports is the number of fully vaccinated who have died.

This is completely contradictory to the Biden administration’s over exaggerated claims. Biden leans into the microphone and whispers how getting the shot will save you and your loved ones. Certainly, the vaccine has saved lives, but it’s clearly no longer a guarantee.

Furthermore, as time goes by, it is becoming increasingly clear that a “COVID jab” may not be the best choice for everyone. Healthy people are reporting strong and robust recovery after catching the virus. Once you have had COVID, natural immunity is triggered.

Many scientific studies are proving natural immunity to be multiple times more robust in fighting off breakthrough sickness. If natural immunity keeps you from getting sick, it goes without saying that you will not die.

That is not the data that has surfaced over breakthrough cases for the vaccinated. In fact, the report from the UK Health Security Agency showed that there were more deaths from COVID within the vaccinated than within the unvaccinated.

The data spanned a vast array of age groups and encompassed a wide timeframe. The percentage of deaths among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated was five times as many. These numbers are both startling and perplexing.

If everyone must get the COVID shot to save their lives, then why are more people dying of COVID who got the shot as opposed to those who didn’t? Another key part of the data involved the age group where most of the COVID deaths have occurred in England.

Those people, vaccinated or unvaccinated, who were over 80-years-of-age, made up the vast majority of the COVID-related deaths. This virus has been and still is about the immune system compromised, especially among the very old.

Other data released from the European Union database, shows even more concerns over the vaccine. There have been 30,551 reported fatalities from the COVID vaccine. In addition, well over a million people have reported having adverse reactions to one of the shots.

As Joe Biden attempts to “ram a jab” in every American’s arm, including young children, the scientific evidence no longer supports such policy. Vaccinations are not necessary for everyone. They never have been. Mandates are wrong, but they also might kill someone.

In an increasing number of situations, it may be worse to get the shot than to catch and recover from COVID. These decisions must be made on a personal level. The new data released out of the UK proves this to be true.

No company, no government, no leader, nor anyone apart from the individual themselves should make a decision on whether to get the COVID vaccine. If someone dies after getting “the COVID jab”, who will be held accountable?

If we want to truly “follow the science”, the science says vaccines are not for everyone. Truth be known, the vaccination may not save your life, but it may well kill you instead. As Joe Biden continues to push his tyrannical vaccine mandates, we can only hope truth wins.

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