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Tucker Carlson Video Goes Viral After ‘Eyebrow Raising’ Nancy Pelosi Interview

Getting involved with politics can be both rewarding and frustrating. Sometimes you’ll just feel like laughing.

Such is the case with Tucker Carlson after he discussed an anomaly he saw over the weekend.

“Michael Jackson was on Face the Nation. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t a video of Michael Jackson performing his hit songs of the 1990s; this appeared to be a living version of the international pop star that news reports claim died of a drug [overdose] more than a dozen years ago. And despite those claims, there he was: fully, undeniably Michael Jackson talking on television.”

Tucker then goes on to ask how that could be and that we’re not theologians who have all the answers.

What he was referring to was actually a clip of Nancy Pelosi.

Now, I’m not sure why he claimed she looked like Michael Jackson, but obviously, the point is that he’s making fun of Nancy Pelosi and her eyebrows that are trying to reach the stars.

Look, I’m not a woman and I don’t know about eyebrows. I don’t understand why some women make their eyebrows look this way. Maybe it’s supposed to make them look younger, I really don’t know.

However, what I can say about this is that she does look odd. It’s not his normal face. Just take a look below. This is what she normally looks like:

Notice that her eyebrows are competing with her morality as to which one can be lower. Why all of a sudden are her eyebrows higher than Snoop Dogg?

I would bet that part of this has to do with Botox. I can tell by her emotionless face that she looks like her face is actually moving unnaturally. I guess even at 81 years old some people have a hard time accepting the reality of what age does to a person.

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