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Trump’s former pageant organizer claims that Epstein and Trump played a dangerous game

Trump’s former pageant organizer claims that Epstein and Trump played a dangerous game

According to a woman who has accused Trump of sexual assault, “girl hound” Donald Trump and his “wingman” Jeffrey Epstein would run wild together at beauty pageants.

According to a 1997 lawsuit filed by celebrity make-up artist and former pageant organizer Jill Harth, Trump tried to rape and sexually assault her over a five-year period.

Jill Harth via her Twitter account

For the first time, Harth states that Epstein and Trump were the “big cojones” among a group of affluent and powerful men who became unsettling fixtures on the pageant scene.

“They were both seducing women with their money. Trump really came off like he was hot stuff. They had no trouble,” she says. 

“It was a game to them to catch the girl and see who they were going to hook up with. They were in competition with each other. They were both girl hounds.”

Harth met Trump while co-hosting the American Dream Calendar Girl beauty contest throughout the United States with her ex-husband, George Houraney. Trump was eager to participate, pledging to host and promote their events at his hotels and casinos worldwide. 

Epstein was already attending some of Harth’s smaller parties before Trump arrived, but Harth didn’t truly know him until they met at a dinner party at Mar-a-Lago in January 1993, when Trump insisted on Harth bringing all the calendar ladies.

Harth claims Trump sexually attacked her during this meal.

Jill Harth via her Twitter account

According to Harth, the two had contrasting personalities, with Epstein acting more like a ‘low-key wingman’ who capitalized on his connections with mentor Les Wexner’s lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret and Donald acting more like a ‘pushy guy.’

“I had known Epstein through some of the other people at our events, they told me he was working with Les Wexner from Victoria’s Secret, which was the hot thing back in the nineties, and that he managed his money and was a scout for models. It was a big deal for the girls when he showed up at an event, as he would come in on a private jet,” says Harth.

Jill Harth via her Twitter account

“I never heard Jeffrey in my world being aggressive. Trump was very pushy and a big foreboding guy. He was very overpowering. Jeffrey wasn’t like that, he wasn’t a flamboyant person, but very low-key and didn’t say much. So it seemed like Jeffrey was like his wingman, but Jeffrey really used the Victoria’s Secret connection. That was his draw. And Donald would also brag: ”You know Jeffrey? My friend can get you in Victoria’s Secret.” He did that with the girls. Those two were definitely close friends, they were tight, they lived two blocks away in New York. He’s playing it down now because, obviously, Epstein is now considered a pedophile and he doesn’t want to be spoken in the same category. They always had women around them. I would even say to the point where the girls were clamoring for their attention. They weren’t all teenagers – I had some teenagers in the event, but they were mostly ages from 18 to 30. There were a few underage, I always had a problem with taking them, because I had to watch them like hawks. I was very wary of any new people coming in because I had suspicions about their intentions. I was the type that was concerned with these men. I was responsible for these women. Some of them were young. I’m sure that’s why Donald liked the pageant business. He just wanted to have his free pick of the litter.”

Jill Harth via her Twitter account

She claims Epstein judged a handful of her pageants after meeting him at Mar-a-Lago.

Harth says, “Epstein, I think he judged twice – one in in Grand Bahamas and the other one might have been with Trump at Atlantic City. He would judge the modeling contest. So you help score the girls when they’re competing – we had a swimwear and evening wear events and an interview. He was one of many judges, it wasn’t just a panel of five or six, but he would socialize with the girls. I didn’t know what to make of him, because I didn’t know what Trump was about at that time. I was young and too busy running these events, I had a lot of responsibility. But I didn’t like how this whole event was starting to turn when when these kind of guys got in the picture. Things started to take a turn for events I had worked on so hard – and I didn’t like it. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to get out of there [the pageant industry]. Epstein and Trump were the big cojones in the group. These were the two that were rich, and in Trump’s case, well known.”

Jill Harth via her Twitter account

Harth believes Trump was unconcerned about Epstein’s involvement with young females.

“No, I don’t think Trump cared. The younger the better. That’s my thought on it now. I say: ‘You are, who you hang with. Epstein dabbled with a lot of different women and so did Donald. There’s so many more that won’t come out because there’s no upside to it. There’s none. It greatly affected my life,” reveals Harth.

Jill Harth 30 years ago via her Twitter account

During the 2016 presidential election season, The New York Times made Harth’s 1997 lawsuit public again, and other media sources followed suit.

The claim accused Trump of sexual assault and harassment, including pinning her against the door of his daughter Ivanka’s bedroom at Mar-a-Lago that night.

The complaint was abandoned less than a month later, at the same time that her now-ex-husband Houraney reportedly received a six-figure payout from Trump for breaching the terms of their business agreement.

Trump and Harth’s relationship is complicated by the fact that, after the alleged assaults, they ultimately had consensual intercourse in 1998, and she stayed on good terms with Trump until the 2016 news surfaced, even requesting his crew to apply his make-up in a series of emails during the campaign.

The truce came to an end when Trump publicly chastised the New York Times for ‘false, malicious, and libelous’ reporting, claiming he’d never met any of his female accusers, including Harth, and tweeting that he was the target of ‘false accusations and fabricated stories of women I don’t know and/or have never met.’

Harth felt compelled to defend herself and conducted a series of interviews in which she reiterated her assertions.

The public exposure resulted in death threats from Trump supporters, a decline in her make-up company, and a family split – her sister and father abandoned her, blaming her for the story’s prominence and allegedly bringing disgrace to the family.

Harth does not want to rekindle old wounds and does not want to focus on the bad five years later.

As she rebuilds her make-up firm Jillharth.com, which formerly had clientele like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer, she is preparing a book on her experiences with Trump and the beauty pageant industry.

She’s also found relief in meeting with other alleged Trump sexual assault ‘survivors’ on Zoom group conversations and providing support to one another, as the media coverage has left an indelible imprint on all of their lives.

Harth is eager for justice to be served for all of Trump’s prior accusers, particularly journalist Jean Carroll, who sued Trump in the mid-1990s for allegedly sexually abusing her.

“His fans – they were nuts especially in the beginning. When it first came out, it was terrifying. I was naïve. I told my truth and thought people would accept it. I wasn’t ready for the onslaught, it’s like getting hit by a tidal wave. I got a lot of support from women, but I got these hate emails and texts. It was very tough, and it caused a lot of damage in my family, to the point where they disowned me for this. In a way, it was ridiculous because they just didn’t want to understand. I’m not trying to have a pity party. I got through it on the other end, but it was tough. It affected my work. I didn’t get jobs, I was too known. I was still trying to crawl my way back and then the pandemic hit. What I would like now is justice for all the other women, especially Jean Carroll. I’m in this group with the women that have come out, because there’s a bunch of us, they were really affected and damaged in a lot of ways. Sometimes we get together on Zoom, it helps to some degree. Everybody has a little different story, but nobody else had the length of relationship like me – a working, then personal, relationship. I don’t like to be called a victim and neither do the other women. I don’t consider myself a victim, I don’t feel that way. I’m writing a memoir, it’s not all about Trump, a lot of it is about the pageant business. I’ve had a very full life with experiences that only people can dream about. It’s therapeutic for me, it makes me understand how I fell into this. I do want to publish, it’s a lot of telling all. I’m hesitating because I don’t really need my life blown up again. But if I don’t publish it, that’s ok. I’m still writing it,” Harth stated.


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