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Trump’s Complicated Path To 2024 Laid Out – Donald Is Lapping President Biden, But His Approval Rating Is Still Fairly Low

Trump’s Complicated Path To 2024 Laid Out – Donald Is Lapping President Biden, But His Approval Rating Is Still Fairly Low

What’s Happening:

Democrats are doing their best to ensure one thing. Not the success of Biden’s presidency, but that Donald Trump doesn’t return to politics. It’s no secret Trump continues to be a driving force among the GOP. He is planning with Republicans on how they can dominate in the 2022 Elections. And he continues to host rallies that are seen as packed-out events.

But does that mean he’s a shoo-in for 2024?

The liberal media is really hoping against it. They are willing to acknowledge Trump has an edge, because of how much Biden is failing. With every dropping approval number for Joe, Trump looks that much better. But the media is already trying to cast cold water on a Trump comeback, by pointing to one approval poll.

From The Hill:

The good news for Trump is mostly about bad news for Joe Biden.

Biden’s approval began to nosedive with the Afghanistan withdrawal, and it has continued to drift downward…

It’s not all sunshine for Trump…

The latest FiveThirtyEight average has Trump at 43 percent approval. In addition, most Americans don’t want to see Trump run again — even more than oppose a Biden candidacy. According to YouGov, 59 percent do not want Trump to run, while 57 percent are against Biden running.

We shouldn’t be surprised to see MSM polls and articles dismissing a Trump comeback. Despite it being three long years before the 2024 Election, Democrats have been working overtime to push against a Trump juggernaut. Although we’ve heard nothing but good things about Trump’s position over 2021, suddenly now they are coming out with polls that paint a bleaker picture about Trump’s future.

The Hill points to a few polls that suggest Trump shouldn’t run. A FiveThirtyEight poll says he only has a 43 approval rating. And a YouGov poll says 59% of voters don’t want him to run. But does this mean Trump can’t win another election?

This could carry weight if you believe the 2020 Election was entirely fair and free of problems. And if you buy the liberal media’s ongoing campaign against Trump’s character and personality. Even Republican strategists are eager to get Trump to focus on his accomplishments, instead of relying on his bombastic comments.

It’s way too early to predict Trump’s decisions, let alone his chances. As Biden continues to fail, we should expect more Americans to want a Republican to take over. The 2022 Elections will set a strong tone for 2024. Trump hasn’t even announced a campaign yet, which would have a dramatic impact on perceptions and polls.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speculation is growing over Trump’s 2024 chances.
  • Several polls suggest that Trump might not be America’s favored candidate.
  • This comes as Democrats work overtime to discourage a Trump comeback.

Source: The Hill



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