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Trump Goes Head To Head With Leading 3 Democrats – For 2024, Poll Shows He Beats Biden, Harris And Hillary By A Mile

Trump Goes Head To Head With Leading 3 Democrats – For 2024, Poll Shows He Beats Biden, Harris And Hillary By A Mile

What’s Happening:

If you still don’t think Trump is going to run for president in 2024, you need to look around. Biden is crashing and burning, along with his party. Everything is happening just as Trump predicted. And Americans are getting angrier with each passing day, as Biden’s terrible policies inflict more pain on the average hard-working family.

Although we are a few years out from the election, Americans are already making their voices heard. And in one poll, Trump is dominating Biden with a key group.

From Mediaite:

Support for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election more than doubles that of President Joe Biden — among people who did not vote at all in 2020…

Among that group, 34 percent said they would vote for Trump in 2024 if he’s the candidate, while only 14 percent of people who didn’t vote in 2020 said the same about Biden.

That’s a very specific group of voters, but the numbers are dramatic. These people didn’t vote in 2020 because they weren’t sure about either candidate. But today, it’s pretty clear who they want in power.

Another poll puts the situation in an even greater light.

From Breitbart:

“The one person [Biden] is doing great things for is Donald Trump because Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden nationally in these polls 49 to 44,” he added. “And Trump defeats Kamala Harris even worse, 51 to 40. And he even defeats Hillary Clinton 51 to 41. So, the Republicans are united. For this November, the Republicans are leading in the generic ballot for Congress 48 to 43, which is why you’re going to see Democrats heading for the exits.”

Democrats were in a prime position after the 2020 Election. They were in charge of the entire federal government. They had a great opportunity to prove to the country just how much better they could lead than Republicans. And they botched it in epic fashion. Biden’s leadership has been so bad, Americans from all walks of life are suffering. We are even on the verge of war in Ukraine and beyond.

And it’s only his second year in office!

The polls don’t lie. Among those who didn’t vote in 2020, more than double of them want Trump over Biden. That is an important number because it shows just how motivated previously non-voters are to get involved. They really dislike Biden and want Trump back in the Oval Office.

The McLaughlin polls show Trump in a commanding position against the top three liberal contenders. He is beating Biden 49-44. If Harris actually gets the nomination, Trump is beating her 51-40. And if Democrats are dumb enough to dig up Clinton, Trump beats her 51-41. These are big numbers. The margins are too big to simply dismiss. Biden and the Democrats are doing so badly, that people who used to hate Trump are rallying behind him.

Sometimes, you don’t appreciate what you had, until it’s gone. And it seems many Americans are experiencing voters’ remorse.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump is beating Biden by double with those who didn’t vote in 2020.
  • Trump is also beating Biden, Harris, and Clinton in the latest McLaughlin poll.
  • Biden’s failing administration is dragging down the party, with the midterms in Nov.

Source: Mediaite, Breitbart



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