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Trump Fires Back At DeSantis ‘Fight’ Rumors – Donald Says Media Reports Are Completely Wrong

Trump Fires Back At DeSantis ‘Fight’ Rumors – Donald Says Media Reports Are Completely Wrong

What’s Happening:

Right around the time Biden’s approval crashed and his legislative agenda failed, rumors started growing about Donald Trump. Conveniently, the media started circulating a story that Trump was getting annoyed with one of his closest allies, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

A story from the New York Times (red flag, right there) suggested that the two top Republican leaders were at odds. It even claimed Trump insulted the hard-working conservative governor. Well, Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s program last night. And he addressed these claims.

From Twitter:

BREAKING: President Trump calls reports of fighting between him and Gov. Ron DeSantis “Totally Fake News”

When asked about rumors that he and Ron DeSantis were fighting, Trump called it “totally fake news.” In fact, Trump reaffirmed that DeSantis was an ally and friend and he praised the governor for his work in running Florida. Similarly, DeSantis’ office released a statement saying the reports were untrue.

Why would the media be so quick to circulate claims that they could not verify? We know that most media outlets are biased and love to spread Trump hate. But it seems they were getting ahead of themselves, hoping to throw water on the 2024 Republican presidential primaries. Trump and DeSantis are considered top contenders for the GOP nomination.

It’s possible the media wanted to stoke flames of speculation that the two are already at odds, hoping to spread confusion and disarray among the party. I wouldn’t put that past them, considering the fake stories they’ve spread over the last five years.

Many people believe Trump will run again—with DeSantis his next running mate. If so, this rumor is actually a tired old ploy they’ve used before. Numerous stories popped up over the years, suggesting Mike Pence was turning on Trump.

All of it was proven to be false. Now, trying to guess at what will happen three years from now, the media seems to be trying to spoil Trump’s potential future running mate.

What can you say about a media like ours? Sad.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump struck down rumors that he was fighting Ron DeSantis.
  • New York Times and others claimed Trump and the governor were at odds.
  • Trump and DeSantis blasted these claims, calling them “totally fake news.”

Source: Twitter



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