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Trans Contestant on Jeopardy Ends 40-Game Streak on This Question After Winning $1.38M

If there is one transgender individual who has gained notoriety lately, it’s Amy Schneider. You may not recognize the name, but you may have heard about what Amy has done.

Amy Schneider has been on Jeopardy! for months now just racking up money and wins to try and set a new record. Schneider just finally lost after gaining second place in the all-time consecutive win streak leaderboard.

So what’s usually interesting is what question they finally lose on. This time, the question came down to Final Jeopardy! in which the answer was, “The only nation in the world whose name in English ends with an “H” and is also one of the 10 most populous.” Care to make a guess as to what it is? I’ll have the answer below.






So the answer was Bangladesh, which Schneider missed. “It’s really been an honor,” Schneider concluded. “To know that I’m one of the most successful people at a game I’ve loved since I was a kid and to know that I’m a part of its history now, I just don’t know how to process it.”

Schneider’s loss means that “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings will retain his title as the longest-playing contestant ever to appear on the show with 74 consecutive wins.

Schneider is being recognized now as the woman with the most Jeopardy! wins even though he’s a biological male. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Women seem to be so terrible at things that these “women” have to come in and show them how to do it properly.

Transgenders are winning woman of the year, winning sporting events against biological women, shattering records, and the like.

I hope that one day, everyone will wake up from this idea that biological men can be something that they are not, and vice versa. I can’t be a tiger, I can’t be 150 years old. I am what I am. I honestly don’t mean any disrespect, but I’m not willing to concede that they can be something that is biologically determined at conception. I’m willing to use the name Amy because that’s what they wish, but the other thing…nah.

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