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Top Democrat Slammed After Naming Dictator As Inspiration for Democrats’ Election Takeover Bill

One Democrat is under fire after mentioning being inspired by a socialist dictator during a press conference in which he was trying to persuade Republicans to bend the knee to them and vote yes on this bill.

Call it a Freudian slip, an accident, or something else, but Rep. Hakeem Jeffries mentioned the tyrant Hugo Chavez as being the inspiration for their bill which would put elections under federal control.

Jeffries started by referencing Dr. Martin Luther King as he said,

“I think it’s important to remember, as Dr. King just reminded us, as we reflected upon his life and his legacy a few days ago, ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ What Dr. King was saying to us is that in this world there are some good folks, there’s some rough folks. For the good folks to be able to prevail you gotta be willing to continue to stand up, step up, speak up, show up. And things aren’t necessarily going to happen instantaneously. It didn’t for Dr. King; it didn’t for Rosa Parks. It didn’t Fannie Lou Hamer or John Lewis or A. Philip Randolph or Roy Wilkins or Adam Clayton Powell Jr. or Shirley Chisholm.”

Then he declared. “And we’re inspired: Hugo Chavez, (catching himself) Cesar Chavez; we’re inspired by all of these leaders.”

“Their struggles, their civil rights struggles,” he continued, before segueing to the usual leftist themes of various forms of justice, instead of simple justice itself: “The farm workers’ struggle, the women’s struggle. It’s my expectation that the people we represent understand this dynamic of struggle and service and sacrifice. And that we’ll be able to make the case that we’re going to continue to do everything we can on economic justice, on racial justice, and on social justice.”

If you ask me, he said it correctly the first time because this is EXACTLY what Hugo Chavez would do. In fact, this is something that Hugo Chavez essentially did. Remember, he stole the election in 2004. This is what socialists do and the Democrats of the United States are no exception.

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