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Tom Hanks Turns Biden Presidency Into ‘The Simpsons’ Farce – Joe’s Administration Puts Out Hanks Video

Tom Hanks Turns Biden Presidency Into ‘The Simpsons’ Farce – Joe’s Administration Puts Out Hanks Video

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s approval is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. He even surpassed Jimmy Carter, a one-term president, in disapproval. This is thanks to his failed policies that have damaged our economy, national security, and constitutional rights.

What is a struggling administration to do to right the ship? Perhaps change its policies and focus on putting Americans first. Wrong, silly. All you need is a beloved actor to try to polish this turd.

From Axios:

President Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee will mark his first anniversary in office by blanketing today’s airwaves… with a video…

The video is narrated by Tom Hanks, who was part of Biden inaugural festivities, and features cameos by everyday Americans — a UPS driver, a Teamster from Michigan and a bed-and-breakfast owner in Wisconsin.

Ironically, though, this has already been done before. In a skit from The Simpson’s Movie.

From YouTube:


Biden’s Inaugural Committee will be airing a propaganda video that claims his failed presidency is actually a success. Because he’s lost all credibility, he is borrowing some from award-winning movie star, Tom Hanks. Does that sound familiar? It should because that’s exactly what Tom says in a scene from The Simpson’s Movie!

In the clip, Tom Hanks appears as a spin man for the EPA, who are planning to bomb the city of Springfield and turn it into a new Grand Canyon. Hanks jokes that he is needed because nobody trusts the U.S. government anymore. How ironic that, nearly 20 years later, real life is copying art?

It’s kind of sad that Tom Hanks is willing to do this. Doesn’t he remember he mocked this very thing for a movie? (Keep in mind, George Bush was president when this movie came out, so he was probably happy to mock the government back then.)

Biden’s people didn’t realize this and forged ahead with a bogus video trying to cover up his immense failures.

Here’s Biden’s propaganda video:


In his video, Tom neglects to mention Biden’s runaway inflation, worker shortage, border crisis, the collapse of Afghanistan, rising fuel prices, and test shortages. All of this is the fault of old Joe.

Perhaps Tom should spend his time on better projects?

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s team is pushing a video narrated by Tom Hanks, ignoring his many failures.
  • This harkens back to a clip from The Simpson’s Movie, where Tom did the exact same thing in parody.
  • Biden appears to be needing some of the actor’s charm to gloss over his disgraced presidency.

Source: Axios, YouTube



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