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Tiger King Star’s Life Takes A New Twist After Shocking Discovery

Sometimes reality television shows benefit immensely from naturally occurring plot twists. One such show has probably absorbed more notoriety from such surprises as “Tiger King”. In November, Tiger King 2 launched with five new episodes.

The Tiger King audience was captivated by the disappearance of star Carole King’s husband. Don Lewis went missing roughly six-years after the couple was married. Lewis was pronounced officially dead in 2002. But that didn’t stop the wheels of reality TV from turning.

Well, with uncannily perfect timing, it seems Baskin’s hubby may be alive and well, living in Costa Rica. That is, according to reports from U.S. Homeland Security. One would think Baskin would find this flabbergasting discovery to be welcome news.

She was, nonetheless, considered a possible suspect in Lewis’ disappearance. Some even felt the Tiger King lead actress was guilty of killing her ex. Baskin was especially taken aback by the timing of when these reports surfaced.

Baskin alluded to the idea that, “Homeland Security has known where he is at least since back then.” She now feels that those who had an inclination that she murdered her ex-husband might want to “check with Homeland Security.”

Baskin also had some doubts about the validity of the claims that Lewis was alive and living, regardless of where. She’s highly suspicious that Lewis could support himself. Odd claim by a woman long thought to be “person-of-interest” in an unsolved missing person’s case.

Baskin’s discussion about the possible discovery of her missing husband can be seen during an ITV “This Morning” YouTube interview. She talks about how show producers insisted they were going to let the issue fade away.

But instead, producers catapulted it into a massive conspiracy. While the old story was engrossing, even devout fans of Tiger King must find this new revelation illuminating. Guess we have to accept that reality TV needs to produce an audience, sometimes using weird surprises.

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